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08 Aug 2021

2021-08-07: Writing Journal

Writing Journal The real University, he said, has no specific location. It owns no property, pays no salaries and recei...
07 Aug 2021

2021-08-07 Writing Journal

Writing Journal At the start of each of my Emerald City Spies novels, Seattle speaks in the prologue. Here’s a bit...
06 Aug 2021

Looks at Apple privacy

Looks at Android privacy


Carrier pigeon, anyone? Maybe we can get a discount on a large flock if we pool our resources. I hear they come in “space gray.” 😂

05 Aug 2021

📍 South Lake Union, Seattle WA

A smooth blue lake hosts a small fllock of Canadian Geese and the mirror reflection of a squat brown bank building. A mellow summer morning with clear skies.

04 Aug 2021

It's All Just Water

In her fabulous book of essays, Trick Mirror, Jia Tolentino describes the perils of our current internet culture: There...
03 Aug 2021

In case you’re curious how long it takes to stop your fingers from auto-opening Twitter after you stop using it… For me: 54 days.


Elmo Meme. Elmo raises his arms in victory above the flames!

02 Aug 2021

Watching: Destroy All Planets 🎥

When squid aliens from outer space capture a pair of boy scouts Gamara the nuclear turtle comes to the rescue.

01 Aug 2021

Collected Readings on Social Media & Smartphone Abstention

Assorted readings on the web. Jonathan Franzen is Fine With It I Get Better Sleep: The people who quit social media I Us...
01 Aug 2021

Collected Readings on Social Media Criticism

Recommended reading. (Books) You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier How to do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by ...
29 Jul 2021

A new arrival to Port 66: the Silver Muse. She’s a pretty little thing compared to the obscenely large mega-ships we’ve been seeing lately.

The front of a small cruise ship. It has a pointy nose and silver lettering.

27 Jul 2021

2021-07-27 Writing Journal

Writing Journal I have three stories all muscling their way forward right now. It’s fun to bounce from one to the ...
26 Jul 2021

I ♥️ this city.

Seattle at twilight in a thousand shades of blue. A cityscape.

26 Jul 2021

Currently Reading: The Mafia At War - Allied Collusion with the Mob by Tim Newark 📚

Prevented from participating in the rule of their own land, Sicilians depended on their own extended families for justice and assistance.

23 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021

The Blue Hour

The Seattle Cityscape in Dusky Blue and Gold

21 Jul 2021

2021-07-21 Writing Journal

Writing Journal Writers are often whacked with the reminder that “plumbers don’t get plumbing block.” ...
20 Jul 2021

2021-07-20 Writing Journal

Ah, city sounds. Waking up to a screaming car alarm isn’t ideal, but after a year of creepy pandemic silence I don...
19 Jul 2021

It’s been a thrilling evening of compressed air blasts, diagnostic USBs, thermal paste, white-knuckle BIOS flashing, and disk partitioning.

We really know how to party. 😆

PC components in a case including a spinning fan.An open desktop PC and a can of compressed air.An artistic close up of a motherboard

19 Jul 2021

2021-07-09 - Writing Journal

Writing Journal I woke up early today. For the last few months I’ve been without a schedule, waking and sleeping a...
17 Jul 2021

No Social Media Club

The first rule of no-social-media-club is that you shut your yap about no-social media club. For years I’ve wonde...
16 Jul 2021

Sniffle Panic

We’ve been out and about pretty much continuously since we became “maxxinated” back in early May. We&r...
15 Jul 2021

How it started vs. How it’s going. ⌚️

An e-ink screen that looks like a garbled messA completed i-ink watch in a case. Shows the time and a field of stars.

15 Jul 2021


The box for the Watchy. An e-paper open source watchThe opened box with the ESP32 board and e-paper display. An illustration of a goose man saying WOO on the inner flap

14 Jul 2021

Currently Reading: Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School 1) by Gail Carriger 📚

a lady never shoots first. She asks questions, then she shoots.

12 Jul 2021

It was a chill day at Myrtle Edwards Park. Lots of seabirds fishing.

The blue water of Elliott Bay beneath drooping leafy tree branches.