While it Lasts ❄️

It’s a snow day, so we bundled up and headed out early to stomp around the city. We headed through Amazonland in search of coffee and saw tots riding down little hills on sleds, guided by their parents, and small dogs zooming around like madmen, kicking up flurries. Baristas at the streetside coffee stand were bundled up like Eskimos, diligently slinging espresso like bartenders in a wild west saloon. It’s a double-tipping day, for sure.

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A Seattle Snow Day ❄️

Today’s Waterfront

A Quiet Holiday

The city is quiet on Christmas day. Shops are closed, roads are empty, and aside from a Metro bus or two, nothing is moving on the streets below. Yesterday we baked almond spritz cookies and watched Christmas movies. Today may be more of the same. There’s reason to feel merry.🎄 Dad B continues to test negative for Covid. He may have an ordinary winter cold, and a fairly mild one at that.

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Watching: Anna and the Apocalypse 🍿 🎄

A British Christmas zombie musical.

Watching: Single all the Way 🍿 🎄

We may get snow later this week! ❄️ I’m stoked.

Festivus: A Trekkie's Airing of Grievances

We’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek this winter. And in line with the traditional airing of grievances, here are my complaints about “new” Star Trek, aka Picard and Discovery. This list contains spoilers. This list is opinion, not fact. Make it so. Picard Season One Okay. Let’s get sloppy. Picard, who has been sitting on his ass for ten years feeling sorry for himself, procedes to zoom around the universe giving weak-sauce moral lectures to everyone he meets, ignoring the fact that most of them know the world better than he does.

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Currently Reading: The Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher (The Witcher Saga Book 1) by Andrzej Sapkowski 📚

I got a kick out of Witcher season two on Netflix. One of these days I need to read the books. 📚