There’s so much to love about Stranger Things season four. Like how it’s the most D&D-like of all the seasons. It makes my nerdy little heart happy. 📺

It feels like a Stardew Valley kind of afternoon.

A man in estatic in the rain. text says: When it rains after you've watered your crops.


Hello, world. Seattle is misty today. Raindrops are balled up like tiny gems atop the leaves outside and the air is blessedly cool, but not cold. We refer to these June rains as Juneuary, and they’ve arrived right on schedule. Welcome, Juneuary! What I’m Reading Chomp Chomp Perseverence Has a Pet Rock! Ads May Be the Future of Streaming. They Also Might Ruin the Whole Damn Thing You Can Survive Being Exposed to the Near Vacuum of Space for About 90 Seconds With No Longterm Damage

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Germ Warfare

Hello from the land of being slowly bleached from within. I’m on antibiotics for an infected bug bite I received in Spain (aka the worst souvenir) and apparently the way these medicines work is by kicking the shit out of all your bodily bacteria, even the kind you need for things like digestion. Ugh. I keep telling myself this is better than dying of sepsis. Sorry, intestines. I’ll do something nice for you later.

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A Different Kind of Busy

Good morning from one of my favorite coffee shops, where I’m glad to report the rumors are true, public safety has improved in Seattle these last few months. There aren’t any tent cities or piles of broken needles in my neighborhood. Word is that the city government stopped bickering long enough to open additional shelter space, and apparently more laws are actually being enforced. I’m not saying it’s candyland; there’s still drug use here and there, and it’s not like America’s issues have disappeared.

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📍 Home Again

A sunny coffee shop with open garage doors revealing leafy treesThe Seattle waterfront with cargo ship and fishing pierThe Space Needle

Back to It

Good morning, world. I slept for twelve hours, and I’m back on Pacific time. Yay! Yesterday I was like a car stuck between gears, but I have my entire brain back. Hello, brain. I think you’re swell. 🧠: hmfh I started the day with Spanish (vocab & conjugation) and I can already feel how much more difficult it! will be to study here compared to Spain. It’s as if everything I’ve learned has been submerged and I must drop an anchor every day and dredge it out of the muck.

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Coffee of the day! ☕️

A pretty latte with an image of a girl’s face etched into the foam. She has a flower crown.

Writers on!

Writers’ Happy Hour over Zoom returns on Monday June 20th. If you’d like an invitation to our meetup, email me at We usually meet at 5:30 Pacific Time on the third Monday of each month.

Jet Lag Hiss

I’m at Starbucks, and the early morning caffeine seekers are positioned around the room using “urinal rules”. No eye contact! You must leave every other table free. For some reason, the music is LOUD like we’re at a club. Nearby, a stereotypical business dude is on a conference call trying to outshout the music. He is oversharing. It’s awkward. Shortly, I expect him to lean over and offer me a photo of his recent colonoscopy.

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