Today, in editing.

Me: He specialized in oceanscapes.

Software: Did you mean: He specialized in colonoscopies. ?

Sure. Why not? πŸ˜‚

Your Monday Meme

a meme: Me, when people talk about celebrities and sports. (a photo of a goth man) These trivialities demean me. I must attend to my ravens...

Woot! We’ve got our next Monday night writers meetup tomorrow. Big thanks to @manton and @jean for helping us come together and for providing infrastructure for our meetups! πŸ™πŸΌ

What you lookin at?

A dumpster painted like a grouchy catA dumpster painted like a roaring monsterTwo dumpsters, each painted with a big bloodshot eyeball.

Today’s waterfront

The NFT museum isn’t even open yet, and it’s already attracted a merry band of environmental protestors.

Also…. our local version of The Onion is having a good time with it. πŸ˜‚

I ❀️‍πŸ”₯ you, Seattle.

Walking home at dusk.

Writing Journal: Smurf This!

πŸ₯± β˜• I’m close to wrapping up my second draft, and the end of A View to Die For is coming into focus. My subconscious must have been busy while I slept. I woke up with questions in need of answering. “Why did so-and-so do X instead of Y?” “Why didn’t so-and-so do Z?” With so many moving parts, it’s important that every character action is natural, arising from who they are and what they want.

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Winter Library

The Seattle Public library looks like a tall diagram formed of interlocking blue triangles. A pleasing, geometic view.

Writing Journal: Hump Day

Happy hump day! I’m working hard this week. The final third of my murder mystery is too smooshy, so I’m carefully unwinding plot threads, laying them out, and rewinding them in a clearer fashion. This requires all my focus. Yesterday, during our mid-day walk, P & I were careful not to chat about anything too involved, because I had all this story held carefully in my memory like a half-woven tapestry.

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