This Happy

I haven’t felt like blogging lately. That’s fine, of course, but it does feel strange. It’s been years and years since my life has been this busy. School, work, sightseeing, meeting new people… my days have been quite full. Too full, sometimes. I’m not sure if my current state is a blip, or a phase, or something more lasting. No matter, though, because what will be will be. However, I’ve come to suspect that it’s easier (for me) to get sucked into a negative mindset when I have excess time to navel gaze, and read the internet, and ruminate on my life and the world.

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Wow. I just updated Gluon to try out the no-replies feed and it is so nice.

Photo of the day: Valencia’s Botanical Garden 🪴

The interior of an old-fashioned glass greenhouse crammed with tropical plants.

Poco a Poco 🇪🇸

Hello from my third week of Spanish immersion in Valencia Spain. 🇪🇸 In class, we’re continuing to hammer home present tense verb conjugations. Yesterday we learned about reflexive verbs. What was blurry is becoming slightly clearer. Instead of Spanish sounding like a staccato stream of unfamiliar sounds with an occasional word popping out, Spanish now sounds like complete sentences with missing pieces. But there are a lot of missing pieces.

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Valencian Street Art 🇪🇸

A metal security door is painted with a mural of a cute dark-haired schoolgirl in a dark dress carrying a small chalkboard. Her expression is serious.A metal security door is painted with assertive looking black and yellow birds. A comic book style text balloon proclaims BOOM with no context.A security door is painted with a mural of a japanese woman in traditional dress and white makeup. She coyly holds a teacup with a skull and crossbones on it.A mural of a serene-looking female face. Her eyes are closed and she either has princess leia style hair buns or round headphones on.

En el supermercado. 🇪🇸

A display of orange soda labeled FRESH GASSpanish Cereal Boxes, several of which are chocolate flavored with monsters on the box

We enjoyed our day at the Valencia Oceanographic center. It’s the largest aquarium in Europe.

While shark in spanish is tiburón I prefer to call the one with the long nose “chainsaw face”

Two enormous pelicans, one yawning, both white. A colorful duck and a tall pink flamingo in the backgroundA shark with a long nose that looks like a chainsaw bladeTwo luminous orange fish with ornate, frilly finsAn octopus hides inside a clay jar. One eye is visible.An enormous sea turtle rests underwater

Yes… go to the orange center to get your apple device fixed. 😜

An apple repair center called The Naranja Center.

A Portland Oregon shirt for sale at a British clothing store located in Spain. 🌏 It’s a small world after all! 😀

Un Poco Borrosa

Hola. Me llamo Cheri. Soy de Estados Unidos, de Seattle. Tengo cuarenta y tres años. Cuantos años tienes? Me gusta leer. ¿Qué te gusta? Voy a ir escribir, este tarde. Y tu? Fifteen years ago I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be fun to travel to a spanish-speaking country and learn Spanish? It took a while to get here, but today will be my eighth day of immersion, and I’m full of fresh opinions about language learning.

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