This page is a collection of resources for my new electronics hobby. I first became interested in electronics after watching Justine Haupt build a rotary cell phone. Initially, I was curious about the phone, but what really excited me was the notion that you could make your own electronics.

My Starting Place

I know almost nothing about electronics and my programming knowledge is minimal.

My Initial Goal

Just for fun, I thought I’d program a display to display a randomized swear word whenever an authorized RFID card is scanned. Scan a card, get a swear! I’m amused by the silliest things, I know! But I figure it’s a good starting place. Learning how to make my goofy gadget will require me to gather some skills and I can always make less juvenile electronics later on.

My Gear

I’m starting out with the “Most Complete Starter Kit Mega 2560 Project” from Elegoo. Moving forward, I’ll buy components from Adafruit because they seem like competent and caring people and I’ve been benefiting from their educational videos. I’ve borrowed a multimeter, needlenose pliers, and a wire cutter from my husband’s toolbox.

Current Status

I began watching a lot of tutorial videos online. But I’m missing a lot of basic information about electronics and thus even when I put a circuit together I have a hard time understanding why the connections work the way they do. So I’m backing up a bit.

I’m working my way through Basic Electronics Theory by Delton Horn on the recommendation of Justine Haupt. This book has been great for understanding basic electronics concepts like: How does electricity work?, Which way does current flow?, and Why does it matter if components are arranged in parallel or serial?

In the meantime, I’m working my way through some educational videos:

New Crash Course Computer Science

Electricity 101 Playlist

Arduino 101 Playlist

Equipment Descriptions

I’ll add more to these playlists over time

While I work my way through the intro book and videos, I’m also going through the projects that came with my arduino kit.

More to come.

Last updated: 11/19/2020