Finished Reading: Amazon Ads Unleashed: Advanced Publishing and Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors by Robert J Ryan. 📚

I guess it’s time to throw ad dollars into Amazon’s gaping maw. Here goes nothing!

A still of two figures standing nex to the Star Wars Sarlac pit: A gaping toothed mouth in the desert large enough to swallow a house.

Today’s editorial discoveries:

Huzzah for Markdown

I’ve been moving all of my writing (fiction, blog posts, newsletter) into markdown, and I gotta say, having everything in the same ‘language’ is a huge time saver.

For writing: Scrivener (exported to .mmd)

For blogging: Scrivener (exported to .md or pasted into

For newsletter: Scrivener (copy-pasted into Buttondown)

No more going from keyboard to mouse to keyboard. And I love that I can take text (a book description, for example) and copy-paste it different places without needing to restyle it.

Why didn’t I do this years ago? :)

My (Introverty) Website Changes for 2021

  • I’ll have two websites, one personal and one professional.

  • My personal blog,, will be non-indexed and non-promoted.

  • I’m giving myself permission to not use social media. My reader newsletter, blog RSS, and profiles on Amazon, Bookbub, and Goodreads are sufficient from a work perspective.

  • I won’t host/store blog comments on my professional website.

  • I set up a new public-facing author email that I can check when I’m working, instead of letting everything flow into one email account.

I’m feeling really good about these changes. 🙂