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Outrage Slots

To be read in the style of an infomercial. There’s so much in our world to be outraged about! (insert four horrible examples here) But the thing is, being upset is so exhausting. Are you tired of (insert mental health problems)? Does your (insert relationship) wish you’d stop (insert your harmful coping habits)? Well, there’s good news! Scientists * have discovered a life hack that’s so stupid it might just work.

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Breaking Up with Adobe

Dear Adobe Creative Cloud, You gave me nine years of Photoshop. I gave you four thousand dollars. You might think we’re breaking up because of the expense, but I think we both know that our relationship has been unhealthy for a while now. I hate to be cruel, but you’ve grown bloated and greedy over the years. You suck up memory and demand acres and acres of free hard drive space, well beyond the vast gigabites I’ve already provided for your code.

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Learning linux has opened up a whole new world of memes.

A penguin accuses someone of being

Wandavision is sooo boring, but I thoroughly enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog.

I shall make my peace with being an outlier. 😂

A guy dressed like Mario, in a go cart, blasting Mario music, just sped down the bike lane waving at pedestrians. He had a stuffed Mario as his copilot.

🤩 Man, I have missed this stuff. Bring back Seattle Weird!

I carefully changed the CSS for my theme to make it light mode first and dark mode second. Only then did I check the Readme and see that this was a setting I could flip in the config file. 🤦🏼‍♀️