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A robot made my coffee! πŸ€– β˜•οΈ

Muji, Portland Oregon. πŸ“

✍🏻 Today, in editing:

“He/She quirked his/her mouth up on one side.”

Ugh! I had to delete six of these. πŸ˜‚

There will be NO MORE QUIRKING. Quirking has left the building. Quirking has been BANNED. Shakes Fist at Sky

This military commentator on PBS Newshour has a painting of Captain Picard in his office.

A zoomed in image showing a bearded man talking. On his wall, an old naval style painting of Captain Picard

Festivus: A Trekkie's Airing of Grievances

We’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek this winter. And in line with the traditional airing of grievances, here are my complaints about “new” Star Trek, aka Picard and Discovery. This list contains spoilers. This list is opinion, not fact. Make it so. Picard Season One Okay. Let’s get sloppy. Picard, who has been sitting on his ass for ten years feeling sorry for himself, procedes to zoom around the universe giving weak-sauce moral lectures to everyone he meets, ignoring the fact that most of them know the world better than he does.

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Cross stitch = old-timey pixel art. πŸͺ‘

At 26,600 stitches, this project will keep me entertained for a while!

25 Minutes at the Apple Store

I went to the Apple store this afternoon to grope the iPad minis. πŸ€— Such a weird place, packed with people milling about, looking lost or confused, with only a few like me fondling the merchandise. Dozens of devotees sat on long, modernist benches, slumped at various angles, lost in their own private worlds. Three different logo-men asked me: Are you doing okay? with tender concern in their eyes. They made me wonder: Had I accepted Steve Jobs as my technological savior?

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I’d pay ESPN+ extra for the ability to mute commentators without muting the crowd.

Commentator: This game tonight can go one of two ways….

To quote my Grandma Helen: No shit, Sherlock. πŸ˜‚