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iPad Mini: First Impressions

I’ve had an iPad mini for all of twelve hours. This post is a collection of my initial impressions. It’s worth noting that I’m not an Apple enthusiast. My only other Apple device is an iPhone 8, and I do most of my computing on Linux. My mini is the entry level Gen 6 model: wifi only with 64 gigs of storage. I also bought the cutest iPad mini case on earth.

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It's All Just Water

In her fabulous book of essays, Trick Mirror, Jia Tolentino describes the perils of our current internet culture: There was no limit to the amount of misfortune a person could take in via the internet … and there was no way to calibrate this information correctly - no guidebook for how to expand our hearts to accommodate these simultaneous scales of human experience, no way to teach ourselves to separate the banal from the profound.

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No Social Media Club

The first rule of no-social-media-club is that you shut your yap about no-social media club. For years I’ve wondered why 99% of articles about quitting social media are written by people who haven’t quit social media. Sure, they “quit” for a week, a month, or in rare cases, a year. The Pew Research Center says that 30% of Americans don’t use social media at all. Where are their thought pieces?

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