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Just waiting for that Apple shipping notification like…

Comicon Day Two

The con was busier today, although still nothing like a non-pandemic year. We went through “The Writers Block” with its bookstore and signing lines. I was surprised by a large display of Bridgerton romance novels until P shrugged and said “It’s fantasy, so it fits.” He’s right! 🙂 We took a spin through Artists Alley and despite my firm intention NOT to buy more stuff I found a pretty Godzilla print, so now it’s mine.

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Comicon Day One

Attendance was light today, and now so is my wallet. 😂 I bought a space hoodie, a fox dress, a Monica Rambeau minifig, and earrings crafted out of old computer parts. P won a canvas bookbag at the Harper Collins booth. I didn’t take home the $1600 mechagodzilla statue, but he’ll live on (affordably) in the vault of my imagination. Best cosplay of the day was Lady Santa Skeletor. I didn’t get a picture but I’ll keep my camera ready next time.

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The Winter Train set has returned to Seattle Center. Now with Kraken! 🦑 🎄

A large train set with buildings, doll-figures, and a pond. A tentacle creature is coming out of the pond. A yellow toy train seeds down tracks behind the pond.

My first fountain pen! 🖊 Pilot Metropolitan. Seems easy enough to use and at $20 it won’t break my heart if I lose it. I may want a thicker nib though.