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Some people want to rule the world. 🌍

I just want to try every flavor of sugar-free Fanta in existence. 🥤

A can of Sandia (watermelon) flavored Fanta from Spain.

We enjoyed our day at the Valencia Oceanographic center. It’s the largest aquarium in Europe.

While shark in spanish is tiburón I prefer to call the one with the long nose “chainsaw face”

Two enormous pelicans, one yawning, both white. A colorful duck and a tall pink flamingo in the backgroundA shark with a long nose that looks like a chainsaw bladeTwo luminous orange fish with ornate, frilly finsAn octopus hides inside a clay jar. One eye is visible.An enormous sea turtle rests underwater

Yes… go to the orange center to get your apple device fixed. 😜

An apple repair center called The Naranja Center.

A Portland Oregon shirt for sale at a British clothing store located in Spain. 🌏 It’s a small world after all! 😀

At the grocery store nearby, you can buy fresh squeezed OJ from a machine. 🍊 🇪🇸