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Festivus: A Trekkie's Airing of Grievances

We’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek this winter. And in line with the traditional airing of grievances, here are my complaints about “new” Star Trek, aka Picard and Discovery. This list contains spoilers. This list is opinion, not fact. Make it so. Picard Season One Okay. Let’s get sloppy. Picard, who has been sitting on his ass for ten years feeling sorry for himself, procedes to zoom around the universe giving weak-sauce moral lectures to everyone he meets, ignoring the fact that most of them know the world better than he does.

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Writing Journal: Everything Happening at Once

Greetings, internet peeps. Last night, Seattle overflowed with santas. Old and young, female and male, bearded and blue-haired; santas in bars, on street corners, and santas shopping. I saw two santas riding scooters. Child santas in strollers. Grinch santas in furry green pants. Tipsy santas, giggling down the sidewalk. Shopping santas, standing in the long lines at Beechers Cheese. Santas taking selfies beneath the neon Pike Place Market sign.

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A Better Relationship with the Internet

My relationship with the internet is changing for the better. But it took some time to get here. Relevant posts: 25 Days of Quitting Twitter No Social Media Club It’s All Just Water For a while, my aversion to “the online” was so strong that I figured I’d need to get offline as much as possible. But these six actions seemed to help me the most: I abstain from ad-supported and/or algorithmically manipulated social media.

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