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Progress on the InstaSwear. The gadget that only insults those who provide an authorized RFID card. πŸ€“

I hooked up the RFID reader and used if/else statements to print a message in the serial monitor.

I had lots of help from P & the internet. ☺️

A computer monitor showing the Arduino IDE. Two ID numbers are shown. One that says I tip my cap to you and another that says you filthy shitgibbon.

I’m getting serious now. 🧐 Also, my brain hurts.

A book: C for Microcontrollers

Leaping toward Linux

After flirting with the idea for over a year, I’ve asked my husband to help me set up Linux on my computer. (I’ll dual boot with Windows.) Yikes! Am I ready for this? I hope so. Why Linux? I’m not enjoying Windows as much as I used to. It feels like Windows and Macintosh are moving toward becoming closed systems, much like iOS. They’ve become complicated black boxes, always sending out telemetry to some distant mothership, and they make a lot of choices for me.

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