2021-06-24: The Seattle Way I’m working at a coffeeshop today for the first time since the pandemic closed everything down. It’s a gorgeous day, sunny, bright, and not too hot. The city has been tooting along for a …

2021-06-23: Finished reading: Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto 📚

2021-06-23: The Seattle Central Library is open! 📚Three floors of it, anyway.


2021-06-22: 25 Days of Quitting Twitter A journal, presented in its original form. June 1, 2021 I quit Twitter four days ago. The sun is out, and we drank cappuccinos at a cafe. My latte was unexpectedly beautiful, with swirly floral …

2021-06-20: I’m intrigued by Robin Sloan’s proposal to Just Link! About six months ago, I changed the way my email newsletters work. Instead of including the entire body of the (often substantial) …

2021-06-18: Liked: The Formula For An Episode Of Murder, She Wrote I adore Murder She Wrote and don’t find it too formulaic, but this gave me a chuckle.

2021-06-18: I went up to Capitol Hill for a haircut and saw a sign that said: It’s a beautiful day in our gayborhood. Indeed it was. Happy Pride Month! 🌈

2021-06-16: The Quiet Place Part II was scary and smart. I especially loved how the second movie enhanced the first movie. I haven’t seen a sequel pull that off since Aliens. 🎥

2021-06-15: Important information from the Audubon Society: What’s the Difference Between a ‘Borb’ and a ‘Floof’? But just as every bird is not a birb, every birb is not a borb. 🐦

2021-06-14: It’s raining… But is it raining ENOUGH? 🌧

2021-06-13: There’s been a lot of hubub in the financial news about inflation. And yup, we did the math; our post-pandemic roadtrip cost nearly twice per day what our pre-pandemic road trip did. Food costs …

2021-06-12: Another post-pandemic first: Going to the movies! In the Heights was excellent. I’d planned to see A Quiet Place II but I figured our first movie out should be something cheerful. Besides, P …

2021-06-11: At the Market

2021-06-10: Yesterday’s sunset.


2021-06-05: Liked: Issue 177 : Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy

2021-05-31: Pioneer Square, Seattle.

2021-05-31: Nightclub enthusiasts are weighing in on public health matters. 😂

2021-05-30: Watching: Castlevania Season 4 🎥

2021-05-29: Pike Place Market and Seattle Center were overflowing with tourists today. Tons of shops were open! They even had a guy with a megaphone directing foot traffic for the Space Needle. Welcome back, …

2021-05-29: Local Graffiti 😂

2021-05-27: New Post: Back to Life

2021-05-26: Tonight’s movie: Army of the Dead 🎥 I like Tig Notaro, Dave Bautista, zombies, heists, and Las Vegas. So I’ve been looking forward to this!

2021-05-26: I’m having one of those “every technology I touch stops working” days. 😩 If a nuclear reactor starts to melt down, just rub me against the building until it stops.

2021-05-26: Liked: If You Want to Make It As a Writer, For God’s Sakes, Be Weird

2021-05-26: I enjoyed Deep Work immensely but Cal Newport’s A World Without Email was skippable.

2021-05-24: The road home! Seattle, here we come. 💕

2021-05-21: Nevermore!

2021-05-20: Views of Wyoming, our least populous state. 🗺

2021-05-16: Roadtripping experiences so far: Hotels are squeaky clean with great Covid protocols, most folks are still very good about distancing, and masks are becoming less ubiquitious as the week goes on. …

2021-05-14: Happy surprises on the road: Tokyo-quality ramen in Orem, Utah. 🗺

2021-05-07: I woke up sore today after getting my second shot. Meanwhile, my immune system is like:

2021-05-05: Reading: Binti by Nnedi Okorafor 📚


2021-05-03: Today I’m grateful for: Cool air & light rain P handling our grocery shopping An upcoming road trip 🗺 Work that I enjoy!

2021-05-02: I want to use Expounder on my website, but I haven’t thought of a good use for it yet. ☺️

2021-05-02: Liked: John Swartzwelder, Sage of “The Simpsons” Since writing is very hard and rewriting is comparatively easy and rather fun, I always write my scripts all the way through as fast as I can, the …

2021-05-02: Tentative Explorations We are easing into the world, antibodies bopping around our bodies like nanobots, invisible yet helpful. If my body is average (and it has always seemed so) and if the scientific studies were robust …

2021-05-01: This is ridiculous and I want one.

2021-04-30: Reading: Fugitive Telemetry (Murderbot #6)

2021-04-29: Cruise News We Can Use I just got this update from Vacations to Go. In a letter to industry leaders last night, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said cruises could resume sailing from U.S. ports in …

2021-04-29: Springtime views from today’s walk. Lake Union to Ship Canal Trail to the Sculpture Park.

2021-04-28: Liked: I bought every ad I saw on Instagram for a Week

2021-04-28: Outdoor mask wearing has been such a norm in downtown Seattle that as CDC recommendations loosen up for vaccinated folks we’ll need to stow our judgy pants. Wear science pants, not judgy pants. 😎

2021-04-28: Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA


2021-04-26: The Strange Economics of Indie Publishing How is selling ebooks like selling bulk goods at Costco? And why are box sets so inexpensive on Amazon? Some assorted thoughts on the economics of self-publishing. Why are there so many free e-books …

2021-04-26: Coffee of the day!

2021-04-26: Liked: U.S. to Send India Vaccine Materials and Other Aid

2021-04-25: Trees and Rain 🌧

2021-04-22: Liked: Godzilla v Kong AMA

2021-04-21: I’m watching the WeWork documentary because sometimes I like to treat myself. 😜

2021-04-21: Liked: NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Extracts First Oxygen From Red Planet – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

2021-04-20: Airtags for stalking. Airtags for crime! Airtags for sleuthing. It’ll all be just fine… 🎶

2021-04-19: Updatin’ Linux and enjoying the pacman scroll.

2021-04-18: Activity is returning to the waterfront! 🥰 We ate ice cream in the sun. Life is good.

2021-04-18: Today in Seattle politics: Bureaucrats ban ducks from pond for too much pooping. A mesh fence is erected. Ducks, who can fly, outwit bureaucrats. Locals angrily demand equal access to the pond for …

2021-04-17: The Seattle city council has renamed the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood “Uptown” and I will reject this change like an unwanted kidney. Lower Queen Anne foreva! shakes fist at sky

2021-04-15: “One Year Closed” signs are popping up on arts venues around the city.

2021-04-14: Veggie shopping at Pike Place Market. 🌽

2021-04-14: Breaking Up with Adobe Dear Adobe Creative Cloud, You gave me nine years of Photoshop. I gave you four thousand dollars. You might think we’re breaking up because of the expense, but I think we both know that our …

2021-04-12: As vaccines begin to roll out... We’re thinking about what we can safely do after we’re vaccinated against Covid, but before herd immunity kicks in. Visit/hug vaccinated parents? YES Ride transit with masks on? YES Write at a …

2021-04-10: Cruise ship memories. 🛳

2021-04-09: Today’s book research: Amusing Spanish Language Idioms

2021-04-08: The new Kung Fu series on the CW is off to a strong start. 🤩

2021-04-08: I wrote until 2am and slept in until 11. Lunch is breakfast? Good “morning” micronauts. What are you up to today?

2021-04-05: The Irregulars on Netflix was moderately entertaining TV. It’s a YA-fantasy-horror-Sherlock Holmes crossover. I thought the teen angst was a bit overwrought but that’s probably my fault. 🧠 : Ugh! Grow …

2021-04-05: Yesterday’s waterfront walk.

2021-04-03: Three Years of Micro.Blog Three years ago this month, I made my first post on Micro.Blog. Happy microblogaversary to me! When it comes to blogging, I shift around like a tabby cat in search of that perfectly comfy spot. …

2021-04-02: Read: Move Slow and Make Things They wrote this as an April Fool’s joke, but I almost wish it was true. 😏

2021-04-01: P’s friend took a sleeper train across the Australian outback. 🤩 Obviously I MUST do this someday. Then write a murder mystery set on a fictional version of that train. 🚆

2021-04-01: Coffee of the day: Vanilla latte from Moore Coffee.

2021-03-31: Suprising no one, I thought Godzilla vs Kong was SO MUCH fun. 🤩 Way better than King of the Monsters.

2021-03-31: Guilt-Tripped by a Chalkboard Sign Read: Woman Relieved She No Longer Has To Support Closed Book Store. “Thank God I won’t have to be guilt-tripped by those chalkboard signs anymore.” This is article is satire, but man, I felt it. …

2021-03-30: The Rick and Morty Season 5 Trailer is out. 🚀

2021-03-30: ha ha

2021-03-29: Liked: Walking sharks discovered in the tropics 🦈 “We believe there are more walking shark species still waiting to be discovered.”

2021-03-29: If you need a foot-long latex cockroach, a yodeling pickle, or squirrel underpants, we have a store for that.

2021-03-28: Hmm… Some inner struggles can be extinguished by setting the messy conundrum down on the ground and walking away. Holding fewer opinions is my new life hack. Not zero opinions, but fewer.

2021-03-28: The city is dressed in pink this week. 🌸

2021-03-26: Hold it Lightly “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope …

2021-03-25: Keep on digging! 😂

2021-03-25: The University of Washington 🌸

2021-03-23: Read: Barnes and Noble rebrands Lenovo tablet as Nook Reader I suppose this could be a competitor to the Kindle Fire for those who aren’t looking for an epaper display.

2021-03-23: Liked: Beware of Chapter-by-Chapter book Critiques

2021-03-22: Progress on the InstaSwear. The gadget that only insults those who provide an authorized RFID card. 🤓 I hooked up the RFID reader and used if/else statements to print a message in the serial monitor. …

2021-03-22: My favorite financial independence blogger posted for the first time in five years. Living a FI: 2021 Update

2021-03-17: Coffee of the day! (Turkish latte with cardamom & vanilla bean.)

2021-03-16: Six things I’m grateful for today: Sunlight Black Salt Licorice Time with Patrick (always) Coffee! Tuesday Night Teleparty (a pandemic staple) Cherry MX Brown Switches

2021-03-16: Liked: The internet didn’t kill counterculture—you just won’t find it on Instagram What does today’s counterculture look like? … it does hunger for freedom- from the attention economy, from …

2021-03-14: The Heroine’s Journey is one of the most interesting writing books I’ve read in recent years. 📚 What do Agatha Christie, JK Rowling, and Nora Roberts all have in common? They all write the …

2021-03-11: Spring! 🌸

2021-03-10: I’ve reached the “looking up icky forensic details on the internet” phase of my mystery writing career. I prefer the websites without photos.

2021-03-10: Liked: First Audio Recording of Sounds on Mars by NASA

2021-03-08: Me: They had a one-night stand. Grammar checker: They had one nightstand? You’re sweet, grammar checker. Never change.

2021-03-08: I’ve done the math. The ideal day to subscribe to a month of HBO Max is March 18th because you can watch: Justice League (Snyder Cut) Godzilla vs. Kong Mortal Kombat Also, they have all the old …

2021-03-07: Liked: Everyone Is Beautiful and No One Is Horny Seen today, one of the most striking scenes in 1982’s Poltergeist is not the evil clown doll or the monster tree, but a moment of relaxed affection …

2021-03-07: I’ve updated my Learning Electronics page with fresh information. ☺

2021-03-07: Learning linux has opened up a whole new world of memes.

2021-03-03: It’s warm enough to drink coffee outside! ☀️ ☕️ ☀️

2021-02-27: Photo of the day: Kopachuck State Park in Gig Harbor, WA

2021-02-25: Photo of the Day: Our Winter Waterfront

2021-02-25: Read: Biden officially undoes Trump’s designation of Seattle as an ‘anarchist jurisdiction’ 🎶 Memorieeees that we share! 🎶

2021-02-24: A tip for US book buyers: When buying paperback books from small publishers, order from Barnes & Noble instead of Amazon. Most small publishers use “Print on Demand” (POD). And BN’s POD books are …

2021-02-23: I’m getting serious now. 🧐 Also, my brain hurts.

2021-02-23: Liked: Living Like It’s 99: No Social Media, No Smartphone I will share with you my experience leaving social media and my smartphone, the tools I replaced them with, some tips and tricks, …

2021-02-23: I enjoy Drew Gooden’s Youtube videos. He’s like a millennial Andy Rooney. Link: The guys who turned minimalism into a religion.

2021-02-23: Wandavision is sooo boring, but I thoroughly enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog. I shall make my peace with being an outlier. 😂

2021-02-22: In the heavy winter gloom, sometimes… the sun breaks through!

2021-02-21: A guy dressed like Mario, in a go cart, blasting Mario music, just sped down the bike lane waving at pedestrians. He had a stuffed Mario as his copilot. 🤩 Man, I have missed this stuff. Bring back …

2021-02-20: Befriending Linux (3 Weeks Later) Today’s missive is for the Linux curious! I’ve been on Linux for three weeks, and I like it enough that I don’t want to use Windows any more. This doesn’t mean it’s …

2021-02-19: New: I added a Now Page to my author website.

2021-02-18: Link: Man puts his cat Wayne in the Godzilla v Kong trailer 😂

2021-02-18: Liked: xkcd: mRNA Vaccine 😆

2021-02-13: The city is transformed in the snow. ❄️ Steep hills are closed off and people are skiing, snowboarding, and getting into snowball fights.

2021-02-13: Wow! We have about a foot of snow in downtown Seattle. A rare treat. The bike lanes are filled with happy pedestrians and very confused dogs. ❄️❄️❄️

2021-02-10: Liked: Business Musings: Tough Topics – Kristine Kathryn Rusch Fiction should make the reader feel all kinds of things. The reader can decide what’s right for them or not right for them. Writers …

2021-02-09: Watching: Godzilla vs Megalon 🎥 With the Seatopian capital badly affected by the most recent nuclear test, the Seatopians plan to unleash their civilization’s beetle-styled god, Megalon, to …

2021-02-09: I’m down 6 pounds since Christmas and my blood sugar hasn’t looked this good in years. I’m quite happy with intermittent fasting (16:8). Easiest dietary improvement ever! Now that my pandemic chub is …

2021-02-07: Last night’s sunset was something else! ☀️ 🌃

2021-02-05: A photo from today’s walk to the International District.

2021-02-03: Linux: First Impressions I’ve been running Linux for a couple days now, and I think it’s spiffy! Here are my first impressions: Challenges Missing Software Not all software is available on Linux. So you need to …

2021-02-02: If you like crime thrillers, The Invisible Guest on Netflix is excellent!

2021-02-01: Liked: Why Generation X will save the web.

2021-02-01: Liked: B&N Press Announces a Flat 70% Royalty on eBook Sales Barnes & Noble is the second ebook retailer to improve its royalty terms in recent months. I think the other retailers are tired …

2021-01-31: I like an OS with a touch of snark. 😏

2021-01-31: The 2014 Godzilla movie was better than I remembered. I love that the military kept trying to nuke the kaiju but the monsters kept picking up the nukes and eating them like tic-tacs. NOM NOM

2021-01-31: I’m installing Linux on my machine today. 😬 Manjaro / KDE Plasma See ya on the other side!

2021-01-31: Free Today: Savage Stars: 7 Space Opera Novels 📚

2021-01-29: Why writing takes forever: Look up “capri pants” to see if capri is capitalized. See that it can be. Hmm. Are people in Capri known for wearing short pants? RANDOM RESEARCH MONTAGE Fun …

2021-01-29: Leaping toward Linux After flirting with the idea for over a year, I’ve asked my husband to help me set up Linux on my computer. (I’ll dual boot with Windows.) Yikes! Am I ready for this? I hope so. Why Linux? …

2021-01-29: Can anyone recommend a small household printer with non-scammy ink? I know myself. The first time a printer “pretends” to be out of ink because (PROFIT MARGIN) I’ll heave it out my window and …

2021-01-26: The US Government: Here’s some straightforward information about what happened today and why we did what we did. Any questions? Millions of Americans: SWOON

2021-01-25: Today’s view from Pier 62!

2021-01-24: The Godzilla vs Kong trailer is out! ❤️❤️❤️

2021-01-23: A hazy day at Kerry Park.

2021-01-21: Where We Left Off I woke up this morning and I could see the last four years resting in my hands. It was as if I could take all the experiences from the last four years and roll them up into a ball between my palms …

2021-01-20: Today, I enjoyed menacing my husband with a homemade UFO. (instructions here) 👽

2021-01-20: Beautiful poem, Amanda Gorman. Beautiful and true. 🇺🇸

2021-01-20: It looks cold in DC! ❄️

2021-01-19: Happy Inauguration Eve, my fellow Americans. 🇺🇸

2021-01-18: I’ve pre-ordered a rotary cell phone kit and my nerdy little heart is happy.

2021-01-15: Liked: Netflix Animation Virtual Speaker Series: Writing Edition Do you have an interest in writing for animation? We’re hosting a Writers Edition of our Virtual Speaker Series.

2021-01-14: You nudged me over the edge, @miraz & @crossingthethreshold 😄 I picked up a Kindle on my lunch break.

2021-01-14: Gah. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a thousand-armed bureaucratic squid monster, and every time I grab a tentacle she whips me around and flings me out to sea. 🐙 I will learn to ride you, you …

2021-01-14: We’ve been watching a lot of Deep Space 9, and I have Worf on my brain, so when I sent out an email this morning with broken links (oops!) all I could think was: I have brought shame upon my house!

2021-01-12: The Fundamentals of Caregiving was a sweet movie. 🎥

2021-01-11: I ordered myself a shiny new doodad. 🤩

2021-01-11: Liked: The Platform Is The Enemy

2021-01-10: Listening to Cool Night by Paul Davis 🎶 and writing ✍️ The Case of the Red Phantom.

2021-01-08: If my hair gets any longer I’ll need to don a fantasy gown and ride a white horse along the beach at sunset. And who has time for that?

2021-01-06: I imagine law enforcement analysts had their hands full cataloging all the evidence posted to social media today. “Let’s livestream our crimes!” FBI: “Cool. Cool.” 😆

2021-01-06: This is America 💔

2021-01-05: OMG Georgia!

2021-01-04: Micronauts and word nerds: Can anyone tell me what a zucchini is called in British English? My internet research says courgette or marrow. Are those equivalent?

2021-01-04: Finished Reading: Amazon Ads Unleashed: Advanced Publishing and Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors by Robert J Ryan. 📚 I guess it’s time to throw ad dollars into Amazon’s gaping maw. …

2021-01-03: Read: Insecure wheels: Police turn to car data to destroy suspects’ alibis The growing use of automobile information by law enforcement also has increased because most people don’t …

2021-01-03: Covid signage reminds me we’re living through a historically significant event. I can visualize textbooks of the future describing these strange times, showing the ways we lived through it.

2021-01-03: The second part of “The War for Cybertron” is waaaaay better than the first.

2021-01-02: Downtown Living: Twelve Years Later It’s been twelve years since P and I moved to downtown Seattle. Time flies! Here are some of the things I love about living in the Emerald City: Cityscapes: I love seeing downtown light up at …

2021-01-01: Listening to: 🎵 Lovely Day by Bill Withers and writing ✍🏻 The Case of the Red Phantom

2020-12-31: You know you’re subscribed to too many Substacks when your latest Substack is a long-ass essay arguing against someone else’s Substack essay. Oh, the humanities! 😂

2020-12-29: I’m disassembling LEGO sets to make more room. My Doctor Who set is still my favorite.

2020-12-29: Liked: Pokémon VS Godzilla (stop motion)

2020-12-28: Reading: Less by Andrew Greer 📚

2020-12-27: New from cheribaker.com: ✍🏻 Winter Writing Update

2020-12-27: Westworld S3 is pompous and messy, but visually quite beautiful.

2020-12-27: I love this winter light.

2020-12-27: Perhaps I’ll go for a walk. 😝

2020-12-27: A Tiny Wonder Woman Rant (No Spoilers) I watched a bunch of salty Wonder Woman reviews yesterday, and while I have zero problem with people not enjoying things – Gah! – I really wish Wonder Woman was allowed to be Wonder Woman without …

2020-12-25: Once upon a time, I was Wonder Woman 1982. ☺️

2020-12-25: Wonder Woman 1984 was worth the wait! 🤩

2020-12-25: Liked: Coming 2 America Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are back together? I’ll watch the heck out of this! 😄

2020-12-24: Merry Christmas, micronauts. If Robot Santa put you on his naughty list, run!

2020-12-23: If you’re looking for a quirky and upbeat holiday movie, Pottersville was quite good. (Netflix US has it)

2020-12-23: Typo fixes of the day: blooming rose bushes, not blooming rose buses (ha!) first aid kit, not first aid kid (oops!) backyard, not back yard opinions differ, but shithole is probably one word. A …

2020-12-22: We ran into Santa today! Nordstrom has him inside the store like a turtle in a terrarium. 🎅

2020-12-22: I’m celebrating one month without Twitter. 🥳 May my streak continue!

2020-12-21: Yippee-kai-yay, micro bloggers!

2020-12-21: Happy Yule! 🌲 ☀️

2020-12-20: It’s time to catch up on the final season of Supernatural. I’ve managed to dodge most of the spoilers.

2020-12-20: Big clouds today. ☁️

2020-12-18: Liked: The Photographer Who Set Out to Watch Herself Age Nancy Floyd’s new book, “Weathering Time,” collects nearly four decades of anti-perfectionist self-portraits.

2020-12-18: I finally broke down and ordered clothes over the internet. No trying things on! And I’m pleasantly surprised. Everything fit. I could find my size easily, whereas the stores are usually out of my …

2020-12-17: The sun came out today. ☀️

2020-12-17: We just got the news that a friend is cancer free after 2+ years of immunotherapy. She had metastatic melanoma, and now there’s no sign of it. Hooray for science! Hooray for Tara! BEST NEWS …

2020-12-16: Today’s editorial discoveries: The difference between ax and axe Playable races in World of Warcraft Facts about Funyuns One ‘peels’ out of a driveway. They don’t …

2020-12-16: Reading: Semicolon by Cecelia Watson 📚

2020-12-15: Listening to: Hyperspace Drifter 3 🎵

2020-12-14: Chapter 26 of Kat Voyzey #4 has me like:

2020-12-13: I wonder what pandemic habits we’ll keep once the crisis is over? 🤔 I automatically wash my hands when I walk in the front door. And I hit elevator buttons with my knuckle instead of my fingertip. …

2020-12-13: Liked: Rats love driving tiny cars, even when they don’t get treats. If you’re going to teach rats to drive, first you need to build them a car (or Rat Operated Vehicle). 🐁

2020-12-12: We saw dozens of people fishing for small squid on the waterfront this afternoon. Not a typical sight.

2020-12-11: I carefully changed the CSS for my theme to make it light mode first and dark mode second. Only then did I check the Readme and see that this was a setting I could flip in the config file. 🤦🏼‍♀️

2020-12-11: Out of the loop It’s interesting; ever since I mothballed my Twitter account I have no context for what people are stressing out about on a day to day basis. Sometimes I see vague references to a ‘bad …

2020-12-11: Link: Anonymous writings of a covid nurse This is one of the shifts that’s made a rare impression on me, like pushing your thumb into a memory foam mattress. I’m left with a little divot in my …

2020-12-10: Reading: Shockwave (Star Kingdom Book One) by Lindsay Buroker 📖

2020-12-09: LOL. My sweary private investigator is getting flagged by the Word police.

2020-12-09: Huzzah for Markdown I’ve been moving all of my writing (fiction, blog posts, newsletter) into markdown, and I gotta say, having everything in the same ‘language’ is a huge time saver. For writing: …

2020-12-08: Never invite a sleuth to your party. 😜

2020-12-08: Liked: I Am the Facebook Algorithm and I Come to You Now, Requesting a Swift and Merciful Death For years, you lapped up soldier homecoming videos and sports highlights and cats in all their myriad …

2020-12-06: Finished reading: Writing and Releasing Rapidly 📚

2020-12-06: Finished reading: Fallen Out 📚

2020-12-06: Finished reading: The City We Became 📚

2020-12-06: I have the cooped-up pandemic blahs today, but a walk helped. 🚶‍♀️

2020-12-05: Watching: Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion 🎄

2020-12-05: The mountain is out. 📷

2020-12-05: My (Introverty) Website Changes for 2021 I’ll have two websites, one personal and one professional. My personal blog, hypertext.monster, will be non-indexed and non-promoted. I’m giving myself permission to not use social media. My reader …

2020-12-04: Fellow Whovians: Amazon.com is selling the complete David Tennant Blueray collection for $19

2020-12-03: Wow! Micro.blog’s utilities have come a long way over the last year. I connected up a new domain, picked a theme, spun up a test blog, tweaked the CSS a bit, laid the updated theme over my site, …

2020-12-03: RSS subscribers: Just a quick note to say I’m updating my micro.blog URL from cheri.micro.blog to hypertext.monster later today.

2020-12-02: Electronics Practice: LCD Display Arduino success! My first LCD message is dedicated to Crow. T. Robot from the satellite of love. 🤖 🎥

2020-12-01: We took the day off to go hiking at the arboretum. It was chilly but beautiful. 🙂

2020-11-30: Sun break!

2020-11-28: Watching: Llamageddon Don’t judge me. 😆

2020-11-28: Santa Jaws was a pretty good “bad” movie. Now Amazon is recommending Llamageddon; it’s about a killer Llama from outer space. I don’t know… Even I have limits. 😂

2020-11-25: Today, in industry news. ViacomCBS To Sell Simon & Schuster To Random House This literary leviathan would have 70 percent of the US Literary and General Fiction market.

2020-11-24: I just finished reading The Righteous Mind. Eye-opening! I’ll be thinking about this one for a long time. 📖

2020-11-24: Last night, I dreamed I was programming people. The French people weren’t working properly because my CSS classes were all wrong. 🙃

2020-11-23: A photo from today’s walk: Wocka-Wocka!

2020-11-22: Photo of the Day: Pike Place Market

2020-11-22: Amazon Prime has a movie called Santa Jaws and obviously I will watch it. OBVIOUSLY. 😂

2020-11-21: Liked: World’s first 100% complete T-rex skeleton found locked in battle with a Triceratops Scientists have revealed the world’s first ever complete T-rex skeleton – found after it fell to its death …

2020-11-21: The Amazon spheres look pretty at night.

2020-11-19: Liked: Write code like you would write a recipe.

2020-11-19: As part of my Electronics study, I’ve been making my way through the Crash Course Computer Science videos. And they’re great! I can feel the assorted bits and bobs of tech knowledge in my …

2020-11-18: I’ve worked hard today, and I shall reward myself with (checks calendar) a three-hour HOA budget ratification meeting. (weeps)

2020-11-17: Liked: The Crocodile is Moving The Crocodile, where Nirvana, Pearl Jam and more have played, is moving, with big plans for the future.

2020-11-14: It’s been a productive day. 🙂 I made final manuscript fixes to The Case of the Lady in the Luggage. I finished the paperback wrap cover. I enjoyed a walk in the rain with my sweetie. We cleaned …

2020-11-13: It’s windy and wild today!

2020-11-13: ch-ch-ch ha-ha-ha 🔪

2020-11-12: A late fall walk to get coffee. ☕️ 🍁

2020-11-09: Photo of the day: The waterfront is under construction.

2020-11-08: Good D&D game tonight! I got to polymorph into a T-Rex and fight another T-Rex. These are the moments that make life worth living. 🦖 🦖

2020-11-08: New from Hermit.fun: I Don’t Like Texting Solitude is as much a state of mind as it is a state of physical positioning.

2020-11-07: I woke up to the sounds of my city cheering. ❤️🇺🇸

2020-11-06: My new hobby blog: Hermit.fun Shout out to @jack for reminding me that it can be fun to spin up a side-blog just for kicks.

2020-11-05: Photo of the day: Crunchy!

2020-11-04: Photo of the Day: Through the Black Sun

2020-11-04: Can I just say it? I’m tickled that in this nail-biting moment the top photo in the discovery feed is of a very nice potted plant. That’s so MB, yo. 😂 I dig it.

2020-11-04: “You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, …

2020-11-03: 🥃

2020-11-03: Where does Wolf Blitzer go between elections? I imagine he sleeps in a dark cave beneath CNN HQ, storing up dark energy for his next blitz.

2020-11-03: I’ve made an electronics hobby page to organize my progress and learning materials. cc: @Miraz

2020-11-03: Today’s lesson: switches!

2020-11-03: I slept like a rock and woke up with the “Buffy fights the mayor at Graduation” music in my head. 👱🏻‍♀️ Good luck USA! I love you all. 🇺🇸 #vote

2020-11-02: It was a pretty afternoon at Volunteer Park.

2020-11-01: It’s November, so I’m treating myself to two months of the Hallmark channel. Let’s get COZY, mofos. I’m talking fuzzy socks and chocolate chip cookies cozy. So cozy that you’ll call strangers “hon” …

2020-11-01: Today in Publishing Land: AudibleGate: The Incredible Story of Missing Sales Hmm.

2020-11-01: Writing a Kat Voyzey story is like slipping into a comfy old shoe. It helps that her snarky humor is pretty close to my own. 😜

2020-11-01: Zero words! It’s NaNoWriMo day one, and I’m mostly awake. Let’s dooooooo it.

2020-10-31: Happy Nanowrimo eve, fellow writers! Find my profile here to be my 2020 writing buddy. ✍🏼

2020-10-31: Photo of the Day: Street Poetry. ✍🏼

2020-10-30: South Lake Union is a mood today.

2020-10-30: We’ve reached the time of year when sunshine feels fleeting and the big dark is on our doorstep. Quick! To the out-of-doors! ☀️

2020-10-30: Shout out to everyone who’s tired of hearing about US politics but who’s being a good sport about it. 👊🏼 US friends: Any plans for election night? We’re having a movie night but you can bet I’ll be …

2020-10-28: This is Wild: Sharks Wash Up on Beaches, Stabbed by Swordfish The discovery of impaled sharks on Mediterranean shores backs up old fishermen’s tales of the marine predators dueling with swordfish.

2020-10-28: (Missed) Photo of the day: The seal that moved too fast.

2020-10-26: Photo of the Day: I found a shark at the park. 🦈

2020-10-26: Welp. LASIK gave me perfect vision for 7 years and now I’m a bit nearsighted again. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s a good thing I look cute in glasses. 🤓

2020-10-25: Spike > Angel 👱🏻‍♀️

2020-10-25: Photo of the day: Let there be light! Yes, my resistor is in the wrong spot.

2020-10-24: I’m watching The Tick, and it’s eighty percent dad jokes.

2020-10-23: It was almost too cute to drink, but I drank it anyway.

2020-10-22: I just ordered an Arduino electronics kit for my birthday, and I look forward to learning just enough code to make silly devices.

2020-10-20: Amazonland. When we first moved downtown, none of this was here.

2020-10-17: I’m up early attending Stoicon. As much as I miss travel, it’s rather luxurious to watch a conference in my PJs on the couch. 😄

2020-10-16: I voted today, and I’ve been thinking about the people I met at the Womens March in DC back in 2017. Today feels like the culmination of a promise we all made. Not to any candidate, but to one …

2020-10-16: P & I have our get-out-the vote letters ready to send out tomorrow. Let’s get out the vote! Check in with your friends. We’ve got this.🗳 🇺🇸

2020-10-15: My friend D in Chicago made me a scarf! 🙂 I’m all set for November weather.

2020-10-14: Micronauts: Are any of you using Ghost, and if so, do you like it?

2020-10-13: 2:10pm in Seattle, WA. I’m hanging out with Patrick and reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Posted for:A Day in the Life

2020-10-12: The Woodland Park Zoo has a nice setup. Timed tickets, limited occupancy, one-way walking routes, and watchful staff directing traffic.

2020-10-10: Elliott Bay in October 🍁

2020-10-09: When one pier falls, another one rises. Today, we had afternoon coffee on the brand new Pier 62. So roomy!

2020-10-08: I survived the dentist. The hygienist wore so much PPE that he looked ready to visit the moon. Everything was well-organized and quick. I’m grateful and impressed.

2020-10-05: Soon 🤨

2020-10-04: Fall has arrived! 🍁 🎃

2020-10-03: Photo of the Day: We found Colonel Mustard! 🕵🏼‍♀️

2020-10-02: Photo of the Day: Kamakura Japan

2020-10-01: Photo of the Day: The View from Gasworks Park

2020-09-30: From yesterday’s city hike: The Fremont Troll. 🚶‍♀️ 🚶‍♂️

2020-09-30: Today’s Coffee: Caffé al Peppe with honey, nutmeg, and pepper. ☕️

2020-09-21: Until today, I’d never seen a praying mantis in Washington State. Cool little creature. Very alien looking.

2020-09-21: Brb. Gotta go shopping for some emo clothes and tall sticks. 🙄 Justice Dept. deems New York City, Portland and Seattle ‘anarchist jurisdictions’

2020-09-20: Feel good movies: All the boys I’ve loved before Stranger than fiction Office space Alien vs Predator Your mileage may vary. 😂

2020-09-20: Good Morning. 🌞 What’s on tap for today?

2020-09-17: I dig the new iOS layout. Very bubbly.

2020-09-17: We’re moving out of the purple. Well, that’s something! Outside, I can hear a man howling like a wolf. ARROOOOOOOOOOOO… 2020, man. 😂

2020-09-16: Petsitting day 5: Simba is wistful for a simpler time.

2020-09-15: Petsitting day four: letting it all hang out.

2020-09-12: That awkward moment when the pets you’re sitting say, “You’re not my real mom!”

2020-09-12: Poor Simba is in a cone. Extra chin scritches, please! 🐈

2020-09-12: Hmm… I feel an urge to re-read Dune.

2020-09-10: Fun Fact: Darmok was the original king of memes. Link

2020-09-07: According to a recent article in The Economist, drones can be outfitted with special cameras to capture the subtle changes in greenery that occur when human bodies are dumped in the wilderness. …

2020-09-06: I have a new blank journal waiting so I’m feeling very motivated to finish up my current one. ✍🏼

2020-09-03: Wow. I really enjoyed Safety Not Guaranteed on Netflix. Such a quirky and uplifting story. 🎥

2020-09-03: A photo from today’s walk. ☀️ Ah, the sun! It BURNS. Yeah, Texans. I know I’m a heat wimp. 😉

2020-09-02: We’re playing hooky today. Nature is calling! 🌲

2020-08-31: Watching: BTVS Season One 👱🏻‍♀️🧛‍♂️

2020-08-28: I ❤️ Seattle

2020-08-28: Well. It seems we’re entering the home stretch, America. So Joe and Kamala can…

2020-08-28: Good morning. ☀️

2020-08-23: I just noticed that my dress matches my book. Ha! 🦖

2020-08-20: Crunch! 📷

2020-08-19: I’m waiting for the leaves to change color.

2020-08-18: Writing tip: Email yourself those “brilliant” late-night ideas so you don’t forget. 😂

2020-08-18: Is this a ribbon? 📷

2020-08-17: A grid inside our local donut shop.

2020-08-16: Cuddly? (checks photos) Nah. Have a meme instead. 😂

2020-08-16: Hey, Ted Chiang has a short story up on Medium this week. 📖 He always blows my socks right off. Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom

2020-08-15: I don’t like being stationary for too long. And Traveling Bear likes it even less.

2020-08-14: Overlapping silhouettes 📷

2020-08-14: It was a glorious 4200 word morning and my fingers are sore. 🔥🔥🔥 I should probably be taking breaks. 🖐 🤚

2020-08-13: Discovered on today’s walk: Angels among the rocks. 📷

2020-08-12: Watching: Welcome to the Hellmouth (BTVS Season 1, Episode 1) 👱🏻‍♀️ 📺

2020-08-12: We filter the world through our perspective and reject much of what we hear out of hand. Art is sneaky though. It’s hard to argue with a painting.

2020-08-12: I’m delighted by author Wayne Stinnett’s “Beard-O-Meter” writing tracker. Now if I only had a beard…

2020-08-11: I like the sound of rain on canvas. 📷

2020-08-11: What a rare treat it is to feel hopeful about the future. 🇺🇸

2020-08-10: My main form of transportation is walking. 📷

2020-08-10: Good morning. ☀️ ☕️

2020-08-09: Windows 📷

2020-08-08: Humor isn’t black-and-white but sarcastic street stickers usually are. 📷

2020-08-08: I’m working on my next cruise ship mystery, and my brain is “helping” by playing the Piña Colada song at full volume every morning. Me: I need coffee Brain: IF YOU LIKE PIÑA COLADAS 🎶 🍹 🏝 🚢

2020-08-07: I can’t complain about the view from today’s walk! #mbaug 📷

2020-08-06: We couldn’t go to Paris for our 20th anniversary so we settled for daytripping to a French bakery. 🇫🇷 #mbaug 📷

2020-08-06: It’s raining! 🌧

2020-08-05: Bisect #mbaug 📷

2020-08-05: I’m preparing my next spy novel for beta readers today. 🕵🏼‍♀️ Woot!

2020-08-04: I’m always chasing that Flow state while I’m writing. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-04: Liked 👍🏼 The Endless Doomscroller It’s a real time saver.

2020-08-03: A peaceful moment. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-02: Bug-sized humans. Also, I miss traveling! #mbaug 📷

2020-08-01: I’d pay good money to see a Waiting for Godot-style stage play with Starscream and Eric Cartman.

2020-08-01: Floating #mbaug 📷

2020-07-31: Up! 📷 #mbaug

2020-07-20: For today’s micro Monday I suggest you follow @jmaxb and @readerjohn. They bring a fresh perspective to my micro.blog feed, and I appreciate it.

2020-06-29: For micro Monday I’ll suggest three upbeat bloggers to cheer up your feed: @miraz @odd and @diplomaticdiva 🌻🌺🌸

2020-06-22: For micro Monday I recommend you check out @strandlines and @crossingthethreshold. 🙂

2018-04-13: Hello! This is my first Micro.blog post. I’m excited about the potential of the indie web.