Today’s book research: Amusing Spanish Language Idioms
The new Kung Fu series on the CW is off to a strong start. 🤩
I wrote until 2am and slept in until 11. Lunch is breakfast? Good “morning” micronauts. What are you up to today?
Woot! My new Ellie Tappet mystery is out today. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, here’s a link. 📚
The Irregulars on Netflix was moderately entertaining TV. It’s a YA-fantasy-horror-Sherlock Holmes crossover. I thought the teen angst was a bit overwrought but that’s probably my fault. 🧠 : Ugh! Grow up! 📺: WTF? They’re teens! 🧠: I see your point.
Listening to: Deadmau5 & The Neptunes and preparing The Case of the Red Phantom for release. 😎

Signs of Life

My city has a pulse again. It shows up in the posture of pedestrians at the park. Chins are higher; eyes are on the horizon. My feet feel the pulse beneath the pavement, weak but steady. Seattle is a giant stirring beneath the covers. We’re tickling her toes with our mundane urban activities. Wake up. Wake up! Seattle’s eyes haven’t opened yet, but they will. City buses still slide through the streets, eerily empty.

Three Years of Micro.Blog

Three years ago this month, I made my first post on Micro.Blog. Happy microblogaversary to me! When it comes to blogging, I shift around like a tabby cat in search of that perfectly comfy spot. Perhaps that’s why I’ve moved from a hosted to syndication on, and back again. In recent years I’ve had anywhere from one to three blogs going at the same time. But after three years of experimentation, this picky feline has found her comfy place.
Read: Move Slow and Make Things They wrote this as an April Fool’s joke, but I almost wish it was true. 😏
P’s friend took a sleeper train across the Australian outback. 🤩 Obviously I MUST do this someday. Then write a murder mystery set on a fictional version of that train. 🚆
Coffee of the day: Vanilla latte from Moore Coffee.
Suprising no one, I thought Godzilla vs Kong was SO MUCH fun. 🤩 Way better than King of the Monsters.

Guilt-Tripped by a Chalkboard Sign

Read: Woman Relieved She No Longer Has To Support Closed Book Store. “Thank God I won’t have to be guilt-tripped by those chalkboard signs anymore.” This is article is satire, but man, I felt it. Bookstores rarely carry the book I’m shopping for (I often read older, backlist titles and indie published books). But heck if they aren’t fun to browse! If bookstores don’t service my needs (insert sex joke here) as a reader or as an author, what’s left?
Liked: Walking sharks discovered in the tropics 🦈 “We believe there are more walking shark species still waiting to be discovered.”
If you need a foot-long latex cockroach, a yodeling pickle, or squirrel underpants, we have a store for that.
Hmm… Some inner struggles can be extinguished by setting the messy conundrum down on the ground and walking away. Holding fewer opinions is my new life hack. Not zero opinions, but fewer.