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Day 4: Revenge of the Nose

Hello from Day Four.

Today’s viral forecast includes scattered dry cough, creepy frog voice, and a 90% loss of smell and taste!

P brought me coffee, and now I feel like the skeleton guard from The Last Unicorn, enjoying his wine.


I remember…

The Last Unicorn was such a freaking great movie. The soundtrack! The animation! It will live rent-free inside my head forever.

Sadly, the Rona is not done with me yet. My energy is good though. Quarantine continues.

P has a lingering cough as well. The long tail of recovery may be indeed… long.

No News

My no-news experiment is going pretty well. I still hear about things, of course, and it’s interesting to see the waves of internet chatter rising and falling in proportion to whatever direction the big news orgs are yanking people’s chains that day.

I’m watching the Jan 6th hearings, and I’m looking up things like court rulings and official government announcements. Primary sources are the bomb. 😎

I’ve actually been heartened by watching the January 6th hearings. While my long-term prognosis for our democracy remains grim (I hope I’m wrong), the sheer number of people who held firm against Trump’s attempted coup is inspiring.

Tech Bits

My Frame.Work laptop will be manufactured soon which is exciting.

I’m enjoying my new blog project as a place to track my book notes and bookish thoughts.

Book Bits

Death at Dagger Cove is off with my beta readers for a looksee before I publish.

Covid has put me a bit behind on editing Hostile Takeover so it’s time to hit the gas on that.

Speaking of which…

Into the book I go!