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Covid Club Day 2

Hello from Covid Club, the organization no one in their right mind would choose to join. If someone offers you a membership card, squirt ink at their face and glide away like a majestic Pacific Octopus to find a suitable social distance. 😋

My first night with covid was… something else. Despite a healthy dose of knock-out cold medicine I woke up every two hours to find myself struck with a new symptom, one at a time.

Shooting pains in my legs


Sinus hell

Splitting headache.

All night, it felt like… my body was “glitching out” and kicking up error messages. Such a strange sensation.

Today, I feel sniffly. Not bad!

Symptoms: Sinus congestion & headache

Severity: Mild (2.5/10)

Mitigations: Cold Medicine, Extra Sleep.

I received a very nice email from a reader today and it perked me right up. When you’re a writer, working alone, it’s all too easy to feel like you’re sending out messages in bottles. Once in a while, you get a letter back and it gives you the energy to keep on scribbling.


I’ve been holding off on starting Ms. Marvel because I wanted to binge a few episodes in a row. Tonight is the night!

In the comics, I love Kamala’s quirkiness, her courage, and her belief that “good is not something you are, it’s something you do.”

If even half of that translates to the screen, I’ll be a happy fan.