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Covid Club Day 1

Welp, after a week of feeling mildly smug about my fabulous covid-fighting genes, I woke up with a mild sore thoat and burning nostrils.

To quote that intrepid canine sleuth, Scooby Do, Ruh Roh!

After a rousing game of swirl the swab, my suspicions were confirmed and I celebrated my newfound viral load by smooching my still-infected husband.

He squirmed. Ugh. Don’t give me Covid! 😂

So long as I must pass through the gauntlet of pandemic pummeling, I will endeavor to keep myself entertained.

Symptoms: Sore throat, burny nostrils, headache, sore joints.

Severity: Mild (2.5/10)

Mitigations: Half-dose of cold medicine. Hot tea. Cheetos. One terrible movie.

For the last week, I have been keeping P supplied with drinks, foods, and irritatingly cheerful company while the virus pummeled him.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot…

The other foot will be shod!

Hmm. Is brain fog settling in? I feel like that setup deserved a better punchline. Weak sauce, Cheri. Weak sauce indeed.

Next up: Hotel de Dinosaurios 🎥