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You Can Run

But you can’t hide! From Covid, that is. We spent two months in crowded classrooms, packed bars, and busy airports, and we were fine. Yesterday, despite not much socializing lately, P got whacked with the covid stick, so we’re huddled up with snacks waiting it out. (He’s doing fine, thankfully)

Probably the surprising part is that he tested negative when he felt sick and feverish early on. We live in a poorly ventilated shoebox and I’m still in the clear. I don’t know why, but I’ll take it.

Covid, you sneaky little jerk! BOO. Anyway, we’ll be okay, thanks to all the scientists who made our amazing vaccines.

Tech Bits

I spent the afternoon farting around with Hugo, making blogs, considering possibilities. Blog tweakeritis is a common ailment, and whenever I catch it I get out over my skis. Also, it’s a fantastic way to procrastinate on work. 😂

The drug store was down to one bottle of Nyquil when I stopped by. The whole cold and flu section was cleared out.

Keep washing those paws! 🧼