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Estoy Aprendiendo

Buenos dias. ☀️

La cafetería no tiene leche regular, así que estoy tomando mi café con leche de soya. ¿Mi primera bebida de soja en cinco años? Admito que no me gusta. Pero todo está bien.

Me preguntaba por qué la cafetería tenía tantos asientos disponibles. Ahora entiendo. 😝

Cuando escribo en español, yo empezo escribiendo sin ayuda y después yo verifico mi frases con Google Translate. Normalmente, necesito unos pocos cambios.


Last night, I finished reading The Seraph Engine by I. O. Adler. 📚 Cyborg westerns are a mood.


My three best Spanish study resources at the moment are:

The SpanishDict App, which is kind of like DuoLingo on steroids with excellent videos, lessons, pronunciation guides, and activities. (Well worth the $60/yr)

News in Slow Spanish which produces weekly newscasts at different levels and speeds for Spanish learners, along with transcripts, flashcards, and exercises. It’s great for improving my reading comprehension but it’s pricey at $20/mo.

TV, especially shows that I’d watch anyway. I’m still looking for decent sources (a lot of online stuff is geo-locked and VPNs are fiddly) but my latest Netflix watch is Castlevania with Spanish audio. While I still benefit from subtitles, there’s often a mismatch between subtitles and dubbing. It’s irritating enough that sometimes I just drop the subtitles and do my best.

I promised myself I’d review all the copyedits on Death at Dagger Cove today, so I should get started. Onward! ✍🏼