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Hello, world.

Seattle is misty today. Raindrops are balled up like tiny gems atop the leaves outside and the air is blessedly cool, but not cold. We refer to these June rains as Juneuary, and they’ve arrived right on schedule.

Welcome, Juneuary!

What I’m Reading

Chomp Chomp

Perseverence Has a Pet Rock!

Ads May Be the Future of Streaming. They Also Might Ruin the Whole Damn Thing

You Can Survive Being Exposed to the Near Vacuum of Space for About 90 Seconds With No Longterm Damage

Growing Up Fast On Planet Earth, With Kim Stanley Robinson

Seneca: The Pumpkinification of the Divine Claudius

Pity Writing Studies, the Field That Hates Itself

Monster Hunter International (eBook)

Work awaits…

Tea? Check.

Music? Check.

Into the book(s) I go!