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Germ Warfare

Hello from the land of being slowly bleached from within. I’m on antibiotics for an infected bug bite I received in Spain (aka the worst souvenir) and apparently the way these medicines work is by kicking the shit out of all your bodily bacteria, even the kind you need for things like digestion.

Ugh. I keep telling myself this is better than dying of sepsis. Sorry, intestines. I’ll do something nice for you later. I’ll buy you a nice gift basket.

Just stay inside my body, please. 😂

In the Spiral

The upper levels of the central library are open two days a week now, and I was thrilled to be able to work there for a few hours.

A downtown view out the diamond shaped library window

I love the windows! They make me feel like I’m inside a space ship. 🚀

Book Stuff

Yesterday I started editing Hostile Takeover, working on a paper copy with colored pens. I suspect editing is more efficient on paper. On the screen, it’s too easy to flail around re-writing things unnecessarily. Paper requires me to be specific, pinpointing issues instead of re-drafting on top of them.

Google Play just released their auto-narration tools to publishers, and they’re free to early adopters. Auto-narrated books are controversial. I’d say the audio quality is decent at best. Because I don’t have enough moolah to hire human narrators, I’ll give auto-narrated books a try. One advantage of this innovation? I won’t need to charge out the nose, like Audible does. Granted, if readers hate auto-narrated books, it doesn’t matter how available they are. It’s an experiment.

My best guess? Five years from now, auto-narrated books will be much improved and far more common. There’s already a checkbox on Google Play to allow me to auto-update my audio files as the digital voice gets smarter.

Technology! 💪🏼

Audio editing is a different beast than the one I know. Yesterday I went through five chapters, tweaking punctuation marks and teaching the machine to say “ E R “ instead of “er” where I’d used an acronym for “emergency room.”

🤖: Meet me in the “er”

👱🏻‍♀️: It’s pronounced EE AR

🤖: Meet me in the EE AR.

👱🏻‍♀️: Good robot!

Ms. Marvel

My favorite comic book heroine has her own show on Disney+! Early reviews say it’s a little bit Scott Pilgrim and a little bit John Hughes which makes me think I’ll love it.

Soon! First though, I have work to do. ✍🏼