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Back to It

Good morning, world.

I slept for twelve hours, and I’m back on Pacific time. Yay! Yesterday I was like a car stuck between gears, but I have my entire brain back. Hello, brain. I think you’re swell.

🧠: hmfh

I started the day with Spanish (vocab & conjugation) and I can already feel how much more difficult it! will be to study here compared to Spain. It’s as if everything I’ve learned has been submerged and I must drop an anchor every day and dredge it out of the muck.

We’re going to a Spanish meetup in a few days and I swear I’ve forgotten everything. Aaa! Except, I know I haven’t. Thus I resolve to relax and enjoy.

Yesterday I got myself organized. My computers are updated, I’m updated on email, and I printed out the first quarter of Hostile Takeover so I can begin edits today. The sky is gray and bright. My coffee is kicking in.