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Past and Future Tense

Good morning! ☀️

My writing continues to go well, I’m happy to say. Today I switch to editing, plugging a few holes I left in my narrative wake and tightening my lazy first-draft sentences from recently written chapters.

Let’s do it!

In class, we’re learning when to use the imperfect vs indefinite past tense in Spanish and my brain hurts because having two tenses makes no sense to me at all.

I’ll get there, eventually!

Decoupling from Amazon

P and I are in deep discussions about building our own e-commerce bookstore on my website. Amazon is the thousand pound gorilla, and I’ll continue to sell there, but at a certain point you wonder why you’re putting all your marketing efforts toward someone else’s store, especially when that store behaves capriciously and demands an ever increasing piece of your pie.

The technology exists for me to sell my own ebooks, audiobooks, and POD paperbacks. And I’m lucky enough to be married to a fabulous computer scientist. (Lucky for reasons unrelated to his tech skills, but hey, that’s a bonus!)

I believe the smart money is on building your own independent business and using the big ass platforms as extra exposure and for customer convenience.

We’re looking into Shopify, with Bookfunnel and Lulu integrations.

I’m low key excited. If I had my own store, I could offer more personal touches and better customer service. More importantly, my readers would be my customers.

The weather is a bit cooler today. Yay! Work awaits, and then class.

Gotta run! 👋🏼