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It’ll be a Scorcher

Good morning me. Buenas días, para mi.

This afternoon I’ll write the final reveal scene in Death at Dagger Cove. That’s always fun. I’m mostly pantsing this series without an outline and I think the storytelling is better for it.

More fun for the author, more fun for the reader? It sounds good in theory, anyway. ☺️

The Sci-Fi Purity Spiral Continues

The Science Fiction Writers Association just disinvited Mercedes Lackey from the Nebula Awards. She brain farted during a panel discussion, apparently, referencing a black author she was praising as ‘colored’ instead of ‘a person of color.’ An embarrassing gaffe to be sure, but instead of addressing it in the moment they sent out a press release about her “racial slur” and kicked her and her husband out of the event. Now, she’s being trashed on Twitter.

You’d think Lackey’s 40 year history of writing empathetic, inclusive, empowering fiction for women and LGBT youth would buy her an inch of space to be fallible, but no.

SFWA is free to do what they’d like here; it’s their organization. Likewise, I’m free to hold the opinion that their behavior sucks ass.

A side note: The author Lackey was complimenting, Samuel Delaney, posted his own reply to the matter on Facebook. It reads:

“Colored ladies,” was what my aunts Bessie and Sadie referred to themselves as, and I favored “black”(with a small B, because because of my experiences in ‘68, with the activists who changed the country from “Negro” to Dr. Du Bois’s preferred term). Among colored or black or Negro folks he had no problem—since scientifically there is no such thing as race, the terms are all social constructs. With all due respect for anyone over 60, there are no “bad words;” it depends alone on the vernacular you were brought up with. (Prescriptive usage and grammar starts out as a lost cause.) I would like to see institutions leave their hands off the spoken language of their elders. At 8 years my junior, and a native of a city I am very fond of, Mercedes Lackey has my permission to speak of me in any way she chooses. “Person of color” is just awkward (so I wouldn’t use it myself); my paternal grandfather was born a slave, and there were white mongrels and Native Americans scattered throughout; “colored” has no negative connotations among any speakers black or white in my family and never had.””

His gracious statement doesn’t eliminate the convention’s right to moderate themselves as they see fit, but I found it interesting reading.


It’s gonna be HOT today! I’ll take the vitamin D while I can get it. Back home, it usually comes from a bottle!

A weather app shows a high of 86 degrees