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Yesterday was a lost day.

I woke up with a migraine and it was a banger. Ow-ow-ow for fifteen hours.

Most of my migraines are easily manageable. Yesterday though… oof! When the storm finally broke, I felt fabulous.

I still do!


We have just one week of Spanish class left. 😢 I’ll miss our classmates and teachers. As for Spain…

We’ll be back!

Figuring Things Out

After I finish my coffee I’ll be back to work, writing the last several chapters of Death at Dagger Cove.

The first book set up a lot of small mysteries about the island. In writing the second book I’ve uncovered more backstory. Why is the police department so painfully understaffed? Why is Officer Dubois such a disaster? What’s going on at City Hall? It’s fun to peel away layers of the story onion, bit by bit. Small towns are delightful little petri dishes of drama.

I’m looking forward to book three because it will come from Kameron Achebe’s POV, and she’s fabulous.

Too many stories. Too little time.

DEADLINE coming! DEADLINE coming!


Back to work. 😂