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Writing Journal: The New Schedule

The city is cast in silver today. Glass and steel, shining. Winter light. White gulls circle atop an air current a mile away, looking like bits of flotsam circling a drain. Their high-pitched conversation carries on the wind, through the window, and into my ear.

Tiny tempests blew through our neighborhood yesterday. Snow. Torrential Rain. Intense Wind. Sideways hail blasted our faces during our walk, sharp and cold. Today, I see hints of blue sky overhead.

I’m loving my new winter schedule. Up at the same time every morning! There’s time for coffee while I journal, and 20 minutes of Spanish while my mind is blank and open. Write until noon. Connect with P for lunch and a mid-day walk. Write until four (or when I’m finished), and then there’s time for more Spanish or a bit of weight lifting before dinner. And the evening? Music, books, and a bit of TV.

A View to Die For is due to my editor on the 20th, and it helps to have an external deadline. Today’s goal: Edit Chapters 19-21.

Whee! Into the book I go.