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While it Lasts ❄️

It’s a snow day, so we bundled up and headed out early to stomp around the city. We headed through Amazonland in search of coffee and saw tots riding down little hills on sleds, guided by their parents, and small dogs zooming around like madmen, kicking up flurries.

Baristas at the streetside coffee stand were bundled up like Eskimos, diligently slinging espresso like bartenders in a wild west saloon. It’s a double-tipping day, for sure. Anyone brave enough to weather the elements to serve others deserves some extra scratch. I haven’t seen many cars, and that’s probably a good thing. People like to tease us Seattleites for not knowing how to drive in the snow, but our hilly roads quickly become ice rinks. Our roads are perfect for sledding, but vehicles make unweildy sleds; they’re prone to slamming into parked cars and sliding through red-light intersections.

So look both ways before you cross the street! Crosswalk signs don’t mean much on a day like today.

Snowflakes can be soft and fluffy but at the moment, they’re tiny, cold, and piercing. The wind is high, so flakes become projectiles, flying at exposed skin like tiny frozen needles. Brrr! The snowfall has tripled in density since we made it home. It’s not quite a blizzard out there, but it’s close. It’s blowing sideways, and fast!

May as well enjoy it while it lasts. ☺️