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A Quiet Holiday

The city is quiet on Christmas day. Shops are closed, roads are empty, and aside from a Metro bus or two, nothing is moving on the streets below. Yesterday we baked almond spritz cookies and watched Christmas movies. Today may be more of the same.

There’s reason to feel merry.🎄 Dad B continues to test negative for Covid. He may have an ordinary winter cold, and a fairly mild one at that. Our ‘antivax relative’ is feeling better as well. All signs look positive. 🤞🏼

We’re expecting snow tomorrow! I’ll put my boots by the door and hope for the best. During the last week of 2021, there’s enough time for a crunchy-footed walk through the market, a hot eggnog latte from Monorail Espresso, and a visit to the Westlake Christmas tree.

Today, I’ll enjoy the quiet. ☺️