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So Long as We're Not Traveling

When it comes to travel, especially international travel, we’ve had two years of playing football with Lucy. We’d hoped to take a trip after getting boosted, but we’re back to “let’s see how it goes” because things can go from”we mostly know what’s up” to “exciting new variants!” over the course of a day or two.

Oh well! Que sera sera. I’m alive and so are my loved ones. That’s good enough for me.

So long as we’re not traveling, I figured I might sign up for some classes locally. Spanish is my top pick, but the place I picked won’t resume classroom sessions for a few months, so I’m on the notification list.

So what class to take now?

Well, I’ve been wondering if I can record my own audiobooks. At this point, it’s just a curiosity. Audiobooks sound like a lot of work, and I’m not sure how well-suited my voice is. But I poked around, and I found a legit school nearby. Only it wasn’t an audiobook school, it’s a voice acting school! Apparently audiobook recording is an offshoot of voice over work.

Huh! Who knew? I didn’t.

Before I can take their audiobook class, there’s an 8-week “intro to voice over” class to learn all the basics, including how to prepare and read, how to take care of your voice, how to record and edit, and so on. So I’m signed up for that in January.

I’m excited!