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Writing Journal: Wikis & Planning

From Obsidian to TiddlyWiki

I’ve been using Obsidian for a while now. As a document management system, it’s not bad. I like to work in plain text as much as possible because plain text is forever. But because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’m experimenting with moving my non-manuscript writing into Tiddlywiki.

More and more, I need something like a wiki because I’m not just writing for the sake of writing. I’m building out outlines and character notes and snippets of text, and putting those things into a wiki makes them easier to work with.

One example: I made a Tiddler called “Ellie Tappet Wiki” and it’s got a nice reference list of my characters, settings, and book information. I’m building my own master writing wiki as I go, which will save time down the road.

Of course, four months ago I thought Obsidian was the bees knees, so I’m a bit leery of doing yet another new thing realizing that I may be in the same spot later. But hey! There’s a certain amount of fun in experimentation and so long as my words remain exportable there’s nothing wrong with it. I don’t intend to publish my TiddlyWiki publicly, but I can always paste bits into a blog if I want.

Back to Work!

I enjoyed the last two days at Comicon but I’m probably done for the year. Our passes go through Sunday, but we’ve seen what we went to see, and the crowds are likely to get bigger and germier. So huzzah for this year’s half-con! I was in and out like a ninja, swathed in K-95 material, minimizing contact with the enemy.

I’m chewing my way through the first draft of Hostile Takeover and I’ve set a minimum quota of 10,000 words per week to keep myself honest. That’s a good way of staying focused when a project is difficult. I tell myself “If you finish X you can work on Y in the afternoon.”

My creativity is a child!

In those afternoons, my new Butterfly Island series is coming along. I’m editing the first book, and I’m trying out a POV that I’m thinking of as “light third person omniscient” which gives me a bit more flexibility to narrate than strict third person limited, but without going full Tolkein. And apparently I’m addicted to historical prequel novellas, because when I was dreaming up which bonus novella to write for this series I ended up in the past, again, learning about a murder that happened around the time the island’s government was set up.

This is all subject to change, but here’s where I’m headed at the moment:

  1. Nathan’s Folly (prequel novella // reader bonus) - outlined!
  2. A View to Die For (Paul) - drafted!
  3. Death at Dagger Cove (Kylie) - I know who killed who and why
  4. Benefit of the Doubt (Kameron) - I know who killed who and why

Rotating protagonists are a bit of a risk, but with my “light third person omniscient” I can tie them all together with a few careful POV switches, so I’m excited to see how it goes.

Oh, and I’ve also got ¾ths of the next Ellie novel figured out… Oh, and I’m still noodling on that sci-fi series I want to write…

I’ve got a metric ton of story bouncing around in my head! It’s a great problem to have, and I’m excited to get to work. For now though, it’s time to sleep.