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Comicon Day Two

The con was busier today, although still nothing like a non-pandemic year. We went through “The Writers Block” with its bookstore and signing lines. I was surprised by a large display of Bridgerton romance novels until P shrugged and said “It’s fantasy, so it fits.” He’s right! 🙂

We took a spin through Artists Alley and despite my firm intention NOT to buy more stuff I found a pretty Godzilla print, so now it’s mine. The man running that booth was selling his wife’s artwork, and that’s one of my favorite things about cons. Most of the time you’re buying from the artist directly. It’s more like a craft fair or a farmers market than a big commercial event.

There were lots of sex-positive and queer comics this year. And a lot of cute romance comics with titles like “What if they kissed?” The spicier comics were carefully labeled and put high out of reach of small hands, which I thought was well done.

Me: (perusing) Hold on. How would Wonder Woman end up wet and naked, wrapped in her own lasso?

P: Obviously only with her permission.

Me: Indeed! 😆

To my pandemic amusement, I saw several people dressed as “plague doctors” with those big beaklike masks and black goggles. They reached out with clawlike hands, admiring a rack of vampire comics, and it was creepily adorable.

We went to the atrium to check out the cosplayers for a bit, then popped into the LEGO room to look at the Wheel of Time and Star Wars displays.

There were some panel discussions going on, but they were all pretty crowded so we decided to heed the implication of the plague doctors and call it a day. It was a good, short visit.

Comicon reminds me why I love living downtown. No driving or parking; just a 15 minute walk and we’re right in the thick of things. After two years of pandemic urban living, it’s nice to reconnect with how fun urban life can be. I’ve missed this stuff! Is it a taste of what’s to come? I hope so.

Cosplay: Several Lokis battle agents from the time authority.Cosplay: Brienne of Tarth, Kaleesi, and Queen Cersei from game of Thrones. Beautiful embroidered costumes, realistic wigs, and cloth masks.A young adult geordi laforge looking dapper.A wide shot with two ghostbusters and a pirate of the carribeanAn intricate LEGO display of a boat being eaten in a whirlpool frim the first Wheel of Time book.A large lego scene of luke hanging off the scaffolding in cloud city with Vader above him. It's entitled: NOOOOO! LED lights give the LEGO scene a soft glow, just like the movie.A print of Godzilla rendered in shades of black and electric blue