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Comicon Day One

Attendance was light today, and now so is my wallet. 😂 I bought a space hoodie, a fox dress, a Monica Rambeau minifig, and earrings crafted out of old computer parts. P won a canvas bookbag at the Harper Collins booth.

I didn’t take home the $1600 mechagodzilla statue, but he’ll live on (affordably) in the vault of my imagination.

Best cosplay of the day was Lady Santa Skeletor. I didn’t get a picture but I’ll keep my camera ready next time.

There was more LEGO stuff this year, and more He-Man, and not as much Marvel. Tomorrow we’ll check out the bookstore and gaming area.

A comicon floor with booths full of merchandise. Wide walkways sparsely populated.Folded garments. One with colorful planets. One with orange foxes on blue.A Monica Rambeau LEGO minifig.Earrings made of brown cylindrical resistorsA canvas tote bag with diverse female figures. Stories are Universal.