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Book notes: Four Thousand Weeks

Finished Reading: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman đź“š

This wasn’t a time management book at all. Rather, it was a philosophical overview of the shortness of life and related implications. A few quotes I liked:

From thinking about time in the abstract, it’s natural to start treating it as a resource, something to be bought and sold and used as efficiently as possible, like coal or iron or any other raw material.

One can waste years this way, systematically postponing the things one cares about the most.

We have to give up. You surrender to the reality that things just take the time they take, and that you can’t quiet your anxieties by working faster, because it isn’t within your power to force reality’s pace as much as you feel you need to, and because the faster you go, the faster you’ll feel you need to go.

Embracing your limits means giving up hope that with the right techniques, and a bit more effort, you’d be able to meet other people’s limitless demands, realize your every ambition, excel in every role, or give every good cause or humanitarian crisis the attention it deserves.