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Writing Journal: The Fix-Myself Kit

Good morning, oh humans and bots of the mighty interwebs. I’ve been feeling blah for like a week, sleeping poorly, feeling grouchy, looking at my writerly to-do list with resigned weariness instead of enthusiasm. But I busted out my “fix myself” kit and a few days later I’m feeling better.

Contents of the “fix myself” kit:

In the past, I would have tried to understand why I had a blah week. I would have gazed deeply into my navel, that linty cyclops, trying to puzzle out what went wrong. But you know what? As the kids used to say, fuck that shit. 😆 Time spent worrying about last week’s blah is time wasted.

Let the blah go, I say!

Bad emotional weather rolls in. And then it rolls out. I’d rather skip forward to the here. To the now. To the place I’ve arrived after busting out my “fix myself” kit, which is actually my “take better care of myself” kit.

Things I’m Enjoying

I’m loving our autumn weather, the rain, the chill, and even the brisk-ass wind. This morning, on the way to the waterfront, we saw tiny tempests swirling on the street corners, itty bitty hurricanes made of leaves, rising and falling.

The spouse and I loosened our purse strings a little and signed up for one of those meal delivery services. The kind where they send you a box of things to cook, organized by meal, with nice colorful recipe cards, everything perfectly proportioned. The food is tasty, and largely healthy, and a good change of pace from our standard repertoire, but what I enjoy the most is the time spent cooking with P.

I chop. He cooks. It’s nice!

I’m reading exclusively “fun” fiction at the moment, gearing up for my winter cozy period in which I watch cheesy Hallmark movies, read mystery novels about cats that solve crimes, bake cookies, and give fewer fucks than usual.

The Holidays Approach

I used to hate how early the Christmas season starts in the US. Samhain is my favorite holiday, and in this country, a person can barely get their eye of newt put away and their cauldron cleaned before walking into the grocery and get slapped in the face with candy-cane madness.

As candy cane madness approaches, I mentally divvy up Christmas into the secular and the religious. To those who celebrate Christ, I wish them all joy and meaning of the season. And I’ll be over on the secular side, snorting candy cane dust and dancing at a rave with my pal Santa, or perhaps, watching that cinematic masterpiece, Santa Jaws.

I’ve made my peace with our early holiday rush. If you can’t beat em, join em? November and December can be an invitation to package up our worldly cares, to set them in a box until January, and to do the seasonal macarena into a parallel dimension in which everything is merry and bright. Then we’ll ride that sticky fruitcake wave right up until January second.

Soon… 😏

The Work Continues

Ah, I do enjoy these mornings where I take the time to journal like this. It loosens up my fingers, unhitches my brain from the stiffness of my own expectations, and prepares me for the day. When I’m done, I’ll skim this post, sand down excess swears and careless sharpness, and get into my work for the day.

Today’s work: Adding a few chapters to Hostile Takeover and starting edits on The Queen of Crows. My morning coffee is gone, my music is nice and thumpy, and it’s time to write-write-write.

Into the book I go!