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Thinking about Newsletters & Blogs

Whew. My author newsletter migration is complete. It’s been five years since I’ve dipped my toe into newsletter segmentation, automation workflows, and landing page A/B tests. (I have some familiarity from my former career.) The gears are largely invisible, but now I can do things like tag subscribers based upon where they signed up, and send them some customized welcome-campaigns based on their interests.

You like cozies? Have more cozies! That kind of thing.

I’ve been thinking about simplicity and complexity. Migrating my newsletter was a pain, but now, communications with readers will be easier and better.

Temporary complexity is fine.

My author blog might be on the chopping block though. A year ago, I split my online presence into “public/author” and “personal/microblog” and it’s been great. But it may be time for a tweak. For example, I was thinking about two things I’ve recently written:

Cheri obsesses about Word Count (yet again) <— How the sausage is made.

Six Signs You’re Trapped in a Cozy Mystery <—- A fun, reader-focused piece.

Professionally, I get a lot more mileage out of my reader newsletter than I do my author blog. It’s better for relationship-building, and it’s way better for selling books. So I’m thinking about:

I’ll sit with these thoughts for a while. But as my tech pendulum swings back toward simplicity, I admit that I like the idea of having one blog again.

Swing, pendulum. Swing! 😋