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25 Minutes at the Apple Store

I went to the Apple store this afternoon to grope the iPad minis. 🤗 Such a weird place, packed with people milling about, looking lost or confused, with only a few like me fondling the merchandise. Dozens of devotees sat on long, modernist benches, slumped at various angles, lost in their own private worlds.

Three different logo-men asked me: Are you doing okay? with tender concern in their eyes. They made me wonder: Had I accepted Steve Jobs as my technological savior? But the instrument of my joining was sadly out of stock. This was merely heaven’s waiting room, not heaven’s gate. No one offered me punch - to my relief - yet I fled, mini-less, into the rain.

I told P that until a decent Linux tablet exists, I may suck it up and get an iPad mini. He shrugged and said so long as you’re inside the Matrix you may as well enjoy the steak.

And I laughed! 😆 I love that he gets me.