Cheri's Hypertext Monster

30 Sep 2021

Day 6: Ketchikan, AK

A row of wooden houses perch over a river atop stilts. The houses are brown, yellow, red, green, and blue, creating a colorful rainbow. They're old-timey structures, containing shops in pictureque Ketichikan Alaska.An informational sign tells the story of Beatrice Greene, the last working woman of Ketchikan, Alaska. She was a sex worker in the 1920s who dodged the cops to ply her trade in historic Ketichikan.A large salmon made of wood and covered in tiny tiles in a realistic color, it points towards the raging river, an art installation in Ketchikan AlaskaA view of a dozen or so cheerful garden gnomes resting in a residential garden. Some play instruments, others hold binoculars or fishing gear.