Cheri's Hypertext Monster

28 Sep 2021

Day 4: Glacier Bay

The ship’s wake rocked a floating chunk of ice upon which a sea otter was napping. He shot us a look before slipping into the water.

humped hills rise out of icy water. The hills are forest and rock. The thick-looking water ripples with the wake of a ship. Fog snakes through the icy hillsA rough-faced pale blue glacier rests atop highly reflective water with bare rock on either side. The glacier looks as though someone has scored the front repeatedly with a dirty knife.A dozen middle-aged cruise passengers in winter coats and hats hold up phones and cameras as the bow of the ship approaches a watery inlet. Tall frosty mountains in the distance add an element of adventure.A closer view of a glacier, dirty and cracking in the front. The water beneath is dotted with small pieces of glacial ice. Hints of rocky, icy, mountains over top of the glacier, but far away.A view of an inlet arm in Alaska. There are low hills to the left and right, with sparse vegetation. Up ahead, the smooth blue water flows forward, bends, and splits; it's a roadway made of water.