Cheri's Hypertext Monster

26 Sep 2021

Today, I spent a few fun hours capturing location details for book research. I especially enjoyed the “How to run a Floating Hotel” talk from the housekeeping officers. I took pages and pages of notes. 😄

Uniformed cruise ship offers are lined up in a row in front of a projection screen. They all wear masks, and one is wearing a tall chef's hatA yellowish photo of a cruise ship's medical center door. Signs indicate that services will incur a fee. Signs are in English and Spanish.An open-topped red speedboat rests on a platform on an outer deck.  The boat is a rescue boat and it holds six people.A tall, narrow housekeeping cart full of towels rests alongside a narrow hallway that contains staterooms.A large, downward facing floodlight hangs over the edge of a cruise ship. In the distance, ominous skies. Below, dark churning water. The light blares down in the darkness.