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Cruising in these Covid Times 🛳

We’ve been looking at options for a covid-safe fall vacation and we’ve been finding limited supply, high demand, sky-high prices, and lots of states with scary Covid numbers…

In the end, we booked an Alaskan cruise on NCL. A cruise wasn’t on my radar for this year, but it ticked a lot of boxes:

It’s funny, on the one hand I think taking a cruise in these covid times is nuts. But when I went through the risks, point by point, I found myself okay with it all.

I’ve never been particularly interested in sailing on a huge-ass ship like the one we’re taking, but no doubt it will be an fun experience. There’s a go-cart track and a laser tag complex, both of which I’ll try at least once. When in Rome… 😜 We’ve never had a balcony cabin before so that’s exciting too.

I’m looking forward to all the usual cruise ship experiences: ocean views, sunsets, music, delicious food, and nature hikes at port. It will be cold and wet, but I like cold and wet! There’s a bird watching excursion that looks particularly interesting.

Next up: I’m looking for a reputable carbon capture company selling offset credits to partially mitigate the .83 tons of carbon an average cruiser puts out. (x2 for P & I) I mean, I try not to kick the planet in the ribs — but travel remains my big carbony indulgence. May as well mitigate the best I can.

Things on my research list:

If you have any recommendations, hit me up! 🙂