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Sniffle Panic

We’ve been out and about pretty much continuously since we became “maxxinated” back in early May. We’ve kept up the handwashing and the Vitamin D with our morning coffee. On the whole, I haven’t been too worried. Statistically, a few breakthrough Covid cases are going to happen, but I’m not immortal, life is short, and I was unwilling to put my life on hold any longer for a tiny increase in safety beyond what was already reasonably safe. We’ve been to red states and blue states, to the Hoover Dam, and to Las Vegas even. We’ve been in crowds and in restaurants and in elevators with strangers. It’s been fine.

Well, a few days ago we had lunch at a local sandwich shop and there was a guy coughing in the corner, working on his laptop. Now P has a cold, and he’s conked out in bed while I work. I’m not too worried, as his fever was mild and it lasted less than a day. He’s “under the weather” and sniffly. Still, if this had happened pre-vaccine I’d have been flipping da fuq out. In fact, I’d be fantasizing about tracking down public-coughing man so I could bodyslam him into the pavement.

No one… (slam) gives… (slam) my husband… (slam) COVID! (slam)

I do amuse myself.

Granted, pre-vaccine we wouldn’t have been eating sandwiches indoors with strangers. We ate outside, or we ate at home. That was it. We even kept our HVAC system off most of the year lest our neighbors’ sneezes infect us. We were careful.

But the thing is: people are germy. We don’t know where P picked up his cold or even what it is. Re-entering the world comes with some risks, and we’ll have to deal. The plan for today: Orange Juice, Pop Tarts in bed, and some television reruns. I’ll pop on a mask while I run to the store in case I’m germy too.

It’s been a while since one of us has had a cold! I look forward to the day when sniffles no longer feel so ominous.