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Admin Days

I like to compress all of my non-writing tasks into two administrative days per month. On the whole, I enjoy my admin days. Writing is more fun than tasking, but writing is sloooow and it’s nice to blast through a list of tasks with your tail feathers on fire. Admin days feel fast, and I enjoy the momentum.

First, the numbers. I tally royalties for the prior month, count up my new newsletter subscribers, and jot down how many new readers I “acquired” with last month’s book promotions. There are interesting patterns hidden in the numbers. According to my newsletter sign ups, most of my readers for my spy series are men. Neat, I think. You never know who your audience is for a series until you sell it for a while.

I wonder: Does this have any implications for how I market that series? I have no idea, but I’ll think about it.

Next, I pick my way through my AMS (Amazon Ads) data, trying to make sense of it all. I go through my ads, pull out the best-performing targets, and make new ads from that data. In a way, it feels like weeding.

After that, I schedule promotions for two months out. I’ll be dropping Involuntary Turnover to free for a week in early September, so that goes on my spreadsheet and I book out slots on various promotional services. The Kat Voyzey series is backlist now, it’s already been heavily advertised, so I need to be careful to balance my spending and my earnings. If AMS is like pulling weeds, I suppose promos are like applying fertilizer? The fertilizer works better on fresh books than old ones, but old ones still give you a bit of salad now and again.

Whew! Now that I’ve given all my marketing plates a good, hard, spin, I can attend to my to-do list.

Today that meant digging up missing receipts for P, reworking the blurb for The Case of the Fond Farewell, and creating the paperback wrap cover for that book. P & I met over lunch to sync up our halves of the business, and we took a long walk, talking about what’s working and what isn’t.

Tomorrow, back to the writing.