April 30, 2021

If it Looks Good on Paper... (More Writing Stuff)

I’m trying something new at work; it’s exciting and stressful. 😬

For the last year or so, I’ve been writing a (medium length) book once every 2-3 months, taking short breaks in between, then doing it again. It works pretty well! But I’ve read about another way to manage releases, and I’m curious to see if I can make it work for me.

Instead of writing a single book from A-Z, then starting over from scratch, I want to:

Outline Book A

Draft Book B

Edit Book C

(and so on)

All at the same time. This only works if I hire help for some of the stages, like editing. And it helps that Patrick handles book production. I’m not a machine! I require long stretches of time for things like walks, pounding espresso, taking naps, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns. ☺️

Each individual book would take longer to write, as the various steps are spread over 5-6 months instead of 2. But on paper, this method looks quite enticing.

  • More variety in my work week. (fun!)
  • More books released per year. (also fun!)
  • More time for each book to simmer. (beneficial!)

It looks good on paper, but will it work in reality? I suppose I’ll find out. It’s the end of April, I finished my draft on time (barely), and tomorrow I start my first month with three overlapping projects. (Note: These projects are all from different series, to make sure my brain doesn’t get too tired doing similar things.)

Outline Project Butterfly

Draft Hostile Takeover

Editing Pass #1 for The Case of the Fond Farewell

So… yeah! I’m excited and intimidated by this crazy idea. I suppose if it’s all too much, I’ll go back to plan A. Plan A is mighty fine.

But… I do enjoy kicking my own ass occasionally. It keeps things interesting. πŸ˜‹