March 19, 2021

The Snyder Cut (No Spoilers)

Before I tell you what I think, here’s my big, thundering caveat: I generally don’t review books or movies beyond “I liked it or I didn’t.” And there are reasons for this:

  1. My personal taste is eclectic. There’s no reason to assume my enjoyment = your enjoyment.

  2. I prefer to take in art through a non-critical lens. Stories are meant to be experienced, in my view, and stories result in many emotions, not all of them pleasant. On the whole, I prefer to accept a story for what it is.

  3. When I experience a story without an agenda or expectations, there’s plenty to appreciate. And I believe that holding a critic’s mindset ruins art for the average reader/viewer. You’re grading a thing instead of experiencing it.

Anyway, that’s how I think about movies.

So… Justice League, the Snyder Cut. Here are my impressions:

I liked it! Very much! I expect a lot of people won’t like it.

Some specific things I liked:

  • Every character and antagonist had a story, a motivation, and a meaningful emotional life.

  • The story reminded me more of a book narrative than a movie narrative. It was a slow burn.

  • The movie had style and perspective. Some of the choices were… unique and strange. But I do enjoy unique and strange!

  • By the time the final fight began, each character was an embodiment of their strengths and weaknesses. It showed in their actions, in how they moved. The team clicked together like puzzle pieces. And it felt earned, not forced.

  • The cringe-sexism of Whedon’s film was gone. Snyder didn’t aim the camera up Wonder Woman’s skirt. The Flash didn’t fall onto her tits for laughs. Thank the Gods.

  • The Amazons got plenty of screen time. And I do love warrior women with swords kicking ass.

There were a couple things I didn’t like about the film but I won’t pollute your viewing by telling you what they are. 😉

I’d love to see more movies that represent a director’s singular vision. Given how expensive movies are to make, this seems unlikely, but our movies would be more interesting and unique if they weren’t workshopped so hard by studios.

A Disney-owned movie is far safer and blander than a Snyder movie. That doesn’t make Disney movies bad… just different. And I like having variety.

Okay… I’ll tell you ONE THING I didn’t like about this movie. There were too many balloon pecs and balloon boobs. I prefer a more natural aesthetic. Those poor actors looked like roid-rage chickens from a factory farm.

See? I’m useless as a critic. Mostly I’m just happy to be along for the ride, watching Wonder Woman kick ass and seeing Bruce Wayne exhibit a personality.

Good times!