January 23, 2021

Here I Go, Touching the Hot Stove Again


Out of morbid curiosity, I poked my nose into Twitter for the first time in over two months. I wanted to see if things were any different now that Trump has been banned. Could one overdue banning make an actual difference? Along with him, 70,000+ QAnon bot accounts are gone. As an extra measure, I unfollowed most everyone except for my fellow writers (those I trust) and a few people I know in the real.

I might be smoking crack, but mostly I see a mellow and friendly collection of voices this week. It almost felt like Twitter 2012. There were a lot of memes. Some corny jokes. People talking about how they were feeling, and what they were doing. Most importantly, there was lots of writer-talk, the one thing I can’t get in quantity here on

But hey, if I whine about my blisters next week, feel free to tell me I had it coming. That I should have known better than to touch the hot stove.

I won’t argue with ya. 😉