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A Tiny Wonder Woman Rant (No Spoilers)

I watched a bunch of salty Wonder Woman reviews yesterday, and while I have zero problem with people not enjoying things – Gah! – I really wish Wonder Woman was allowed to be Wonder Woman without carrying the impossible burden of being every viewer’s perfect feminist ideal.

We did the same thing to Captain Marvel. We don’t do this to male superheroes.

We believed that Captain America’s love for Peggy Carter could last forever. But Wonder Woman? Her emotions are viewed as problematic and weak. We’ll watch wildly improbable male villains. But a female villain? She’s cliched, obviously. Wonder Woman struggled in this movie. She had difficult emotions. Apparently that makes her suck? Dude. Wonder Woman’s love and vulnerability are her power and you don’t get that shit for free. Sometimes, the struggle is real, and I like it when my heroines express their full humanity. Call me crazy.

My vision of feminine strength isn’t narrow and it doesn’t fit a checklist. Just as women don’t need to fit anyone’s checklist.

There’s no need to like any particular movie! Criticism is fair. But seeing people judge Wonder Woman (the character) against arbitrary criteria in the name of feminism really burns my cheese. 😤

(This concludes my rant. Have a nice day.)