Covid risk math is the pits! Emerald City Comicon starts tomorrow and the mysterious omicron is creeping into the country on tiptoe…

I’m thinking about dumping our tickets, even though that might be silly overkill.

But I am fond of being alive… 🤔 HMMM

The Winter Train set has returned to Seattle Center. Now with Kraken! 🦑 🎄

A large train set with buildings, doll-figures, and a pond. A tentacle creature is coming out of the pond. A yellow toy train seeds down tracks behind the pond.

Finished Reading: Leviathan Falls by James S. A. Corey 📚

I’m listening to Liquid Bass & Drum Mix and doing writing sprints till lunch. ✍🏻

Liked: This Website Will Self Destruct

🔥 This is fine. 🔥

A Meme. Henry Cavil (Me, with my four day comicon pass) is being snuck up on by Jason Moama (Omicron Variant)

I have salty feelings about the He-Man reboot.

My first fountain pen! 🖊 Pilot Metropolitan. Seems easy enough to use and at $20 it won’t break my heart if I lose it. I may want a thicker nib though.

Book notes: Four Thousand Weeks

Finished Reading: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman 📚 This wasn’t a time management book at all. Rather, it was a philosophical overview of the shortness of life and related implications. A few quotes I liked: From thinking about time in the abstract, it’s natural to start treating it as a resource, something to be bought and sold and used as efficiently as possible, like coal or iron or any other raw material.

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Read: The Stunning Notebooks of Gabriel Orozco

My vision and criteria will always be a mistake, so why try to seek out perfection? Perfection is not truth. Art pretends to be a state of truth, therefore a state of imperfection.