Grouchy Little Moon

Good morning. ☀️ Today I’ll attend our last day of Spanish class even though I don’t want to go, because P is going. When you’ve been together as long as we have, sometimes you let the gravity of your partner’s good decisions break your lazy-ass inertia. I’m your grouchy little moon today, sweetie. I’ll hang out in your orbit, reflecting your light. 🌝 Chapters to edit: 12 Weekends remaining in Spain: 1

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Tech Bits for May 2022

It’s about time for a new round of technology tweaks. Here’s a roundup of notes-to-self, so I don’t forget! Laptop My Surface Pro battery is starting to go. It’s at the point where I get 2.5 hours of use, or maybe 3 if I keep the screen brightness low. That’s not so bad if I’m home all day but it’s fairly limiting when there isn’t a plug close by. Conveniently, the folks at Frame.

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I used Windows for the first time in a couple months and it blue screened on me! 😬 It had autosaved my document, however. 👍🏼

Reverting to Form

The music in the coffee shop is too damn loud today and this is how I know I didn’t get enough sleep last night. GRRR. Get off my lawn! My body is trying to flip time zones. Stop that, body! We have a few more days. Edits continue on Death at Dagger Cove and later today I’ll digitally scan my inch-thick folder of Spanish worksheets because packing my bag is going to be hard enough already.

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Good evening from imperfect vs preterite Spanish hell. The slippery edge between beginning and intermediate Spanish is a cliff over which you will be thrown, screaming, into the chasm of razor sharp clamshells below. Those clams will begin to speak, some saying “hablaba” and others saying “hablé” and from the top of the cliff your instructors will shout down instructions for climbing up that make zero sense, and meanwhile the clams are muttering HABLABA HABLABA HABLÉ HABLABA HABLÉ HABLABA and you will at some point lose your damn mind because everything’s been going fine up until this point and you swear the clams are mocking you.

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Valencia at night. Graceful european government buildings lit up with white lights in a smooth, stone plaza

Past and Future Tense

Good morning! ☀️ My writing continues to go well, I’m happy to say. Today I switch to editing, plugging a few holes I left in my narrative wake and tightening my lazy first-draft sentences from recently written chapters. Let’s do it! In class, we’re learning when to use the imperfect vs indefinite past tense in Spanish and my brain hurts because having two tenses makes no sense to me at all.

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It’ll be a Scorcher

Good morning me. Buenas días, para mi. This afternoon I’ll write the final reveal scene in Death at Dagger Cove. That’s always fun. I’m mostly pantsing this series without an outline and I think the storytelling is better for it. More fun for the author, more fun for the reader? It sounds good in theory, anyway. ☺️ The Sci-Fi Purity Spiral Continues The Science Fiction Writers Association just disinvited Mercedes Lackey from the Nebula Awards.

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Me: (travels)


An advertisement for expat funeral plans


Yesterday was a lost day. I woke up with a migraine and it was a banger. Ow-ow-ow for fifteen hours. Most of my migraines are easily manageable. Yesterday though… oof! When the storm finally broke, I felt fabulous. I still do! 🕺 We have just one week of Spanish class left. 😢 I’ll miss our classmates and teachers. As for Spain… We’ll be back! Figuring Things Out After I finish my coffee I’ll be back to work, writing the last several chapters of Death at Dagger Cove.

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