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20 Sep 2021

It’s been a good writing day. Amazing what happens when I don’t fritter my time away with errands and procrastination. ☺️ It also helped that I took a proper no-work weekend.

20 Sep 2021

Smells Fishy

Read: Substack reaches for the stars as Chuck Palahniuk and Salman Rushdie sign up to publish serialized novels As much ...
19 Sep 2021
18 Sep 2021

Currently (Re)Reading: Tiamat’s Wrath (The Expanse (8)) by James S. A. Corey 📚

There are people I love. There are people who have loved me. I fought for what I believed, protected those I could, and stood my ground against the encroaching darkness. Good enough.

17 Sep 2021


It is indeed, fun!

16 Sep 2021
16 Sep 2021

📍 Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle WA

A beautiful azure bay with a tree in the foreground. A few leaves scatter the yellowish grass.

16 Sep 2021


I wrote my first shell script yesterday, and it won’t be my last. Using the Linux command line makes me feel like ...
15 Sep 2021

I have three invites to Hit me up if you want one. 📚

15 Sep 2021

Picking out fabric for our couch. Beach colors! 🌊

A sand colored fabric swatch next to a blue wall and a white bookcase

14 Sep 2021

O weighted blanket, where have you been my whole life? 🛌

14 Sep 2021

📍 South Lake Union

The big, blocky back end of a passenger ship is up against a pier at the lake. The ship's name: The Emerald Star. An American flag waves from a pole on top. The water is smoothish, calm. A horned metal clete on the dock stands ready.

12 Sep 2021

Went to my first in-person D&D game since January 2020. 🥰 So great!

11 Sep 2021

Remembering 9/11

On 9/11, I was 22 years old. I woke up to P shaking my shoulder. He said, “Planes keep crashing into the World Trade Cen...
10 Sep 2021

It’s raining! 🌧 ❤️ 🌧❤️

09 Sep 2021

📍 Elliott Bay, Seattle WA

A close-up view of undulating waves in hundreds of shades of blue, starting pale near the top of the photo and becoming deeper blue toward the bottom.

07 Sep 2021

September Nights

Seattle's skyscrapers glow dimly against a hazy black sky

07 Sep 2021

Enjoying our morning coffee at the Sculpture Park ☕️ 🍂

A row of red metal chairs along a path. The damp green grass is littered with early fall leaves. green grass. red chairs. yellow leaves. slanting sunlight. A portrait of early fall.

06 Sep 2021

Farewell, O novelty T-shirts that are too worn out or too weird to wear in public. 😭 Alas, I need more room, so you must go.

A worn out 2014 Emerald City Comicon Tee with Star Scream next to the space NeedleWriters Police Academy Tshirt. A gun that ends in a pencil.The back of a T-shirt that says WRITER in huge text.

06 Sep 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed Rick and Morty season 5. 🚀

06 Sep 2021

“Cable is expensive and stupid. Why can’t I pay for just what I want without all these insulting commercials?”

Netflix: Here ya go

Disney+: Here ya go

Prime: Here ya go

Apple TV: Here ya go

”… Why do I need five different subscriptions? Ugh! I only want one!”

05 Sep 2021

My Sunday night B-Movie extravaganza continues with: 🎥 Death Rink

“It’s Roller boogie meets Friday the 13th” 🛼

Update: It was not any of those things.

05 Sep 2021

Watching: 🎥 Gamera vs Guiron

Flying turtle Gamera spins to the far side of the sun where he meets a pointy-headed monster and sexy alien women who like to eat children’s brains.

Update: My favorite Gamera movie yet!

05 Sep 2021

Text: As long as a lady carries a book with her she will always have company... and a weapon.

04 Sep 2021

Currently Reading: Warrior Wench (The Asarlaí Wars) (Volume 1) by Marie Andreas 📚

I’m iffy on the main character, but this is a fun, sassy ensemble space opera so I’ll keep reading.