Somos los Mejores del Mundo

Yesterday a classmate asked (very politely) why I thought Donald Trump was the best president in the world. I was confused until he reminded me that a few weeks back, a teacher had used the example sentence “Donald Trump is the best president in the world” in class. I’d replied “Eso es Verdad.” That’s true. Turns out I’d confused mejor (best, better) with menor (less, lowest). I thought the teacher had said: “Donald Trump was the worst president in the world.

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Strange New Worlds

I watched the first episode of Strange New Worlds the other night and I hadn’t realized how hungry I’ve been for optimistic, episodic, non-melodramatic Trek until the story settled over me like a comfy blanket. Ahhhh… I’ll stop bitching about Discovery now. Well, I’ll try. 😏 Every Tense a Victory We’re starting to learn the Imperfect tense in Spanish class. The beauty of Spanish Immersion is that you learn a lot, quickly.

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Stay weird, Spain. 🇪🇸

Street art of a full-figured woman in a red dress singing while standing inside a giant paella pan.

Party Parrots

It’s been a year since I quit Twitter? Huh! Time really flies when you stop snorting poorly-researched hot takes off the internet’s sweaty ass crack. 😜 Yesterday, we saw a flock of parrots in a fruit tree. They were hard to find in the tree, and as loud as a bunch of drunk spring breakers. What’s the point of camouflage if you’re screaming your head off? Can you find the party parrot?

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Dramatic street art showing a man, three stories tall, with plants growing in his exposed rib bones


Good morning, me! Buenos Días para mi. ☀️ I say me because I’m back to blogging as a companion to my work and my paper journals. From Warren Ellis: The days of personal blogs as any kind of cultural force are long gone, and they’re never coming back. LTD’s utility is in being the place where I log my days, and, you, reader, for whatever reason, can look over my shoulder.

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Street art of pink bunnies. The text reads, sometimes I see bunnies

So I Don't Explode

Sunshine has returned to Valencia, and along with it, mosquitos who find me extremely delicious. Oof! My writing music this week is Hyperspace Drifter by Stilz. Hyperspace Drifter 3 by Stilz After lunch and a walk I’ll pick up Death at Dagger Cove where I left off yesterday. Travel has invigorated me, as it always does. My mind is bursting with ideas and my days are too short to let them all unravel.

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Buenos días ☕️

A busy crosswalk in Spain as seen from a second floor coffeeshop. Blue sky. A white vespa. Pedestrians.

Some people want to rule the world. 🌍

I just want to try every flavor of sugar-free Fanta in existence. 🥤

A can of Sandia (watermelon) flavored Fanta from Spain.