Cheri's Hypertext Monster

16 Oct 2021

Liked Lord Byron the Cat

Seattle’s most famous urban feline.

16 Oct 2021

Spent the afternoon with P, learning how to make progress bars into a shortcode using Hugo/Tailwind CSS.

I love a good progress bar! Or… several.

16 Oct 2021

Writers on There’s one day left to fill out the writers’ meetup survey. You can read about our plans for a writers meetup here. ✍🏻

We’d love your input!

14 Oct 2021

Um, $150-$500 per ticket?

A meme with Jason Bateman. Me: I'm going to a Kraken game this season. Ticketmaster: (jason bateman) The fuck you are.

14 Oct 2021

Good Morning ☕️

A walk-up coffee window glows yellow in the morning light. Customers wait for caffeine.

12 Oct 2021

Read: inessential: In Case I Don’t Write Here Again

I expect and hope that eventually I will no longer be a public person — no blog, no Twitter, no public online presence at all.

11 Oct 2021

When I wear fluffy slippers:

Meme: A cartoon man asks: Is this hygge?

11 Oct 2021

I’m listening to lofi hip hop radio and writing A View to Die For. ✍🏻 🎶

“Why can’t you just zoom and enhance?”

“Because I’m not a fake cop on a TV show written by people who don’t know how software works.”

He pointed. “That button says ‘zoom’ on it.”

”… shut up.”

11 Oct 2021

How exciting! We’ve got 13 responses already to our survey about the micro blog writers meetup. And there’s still plenty of time to weigh in.

cc: @pimoore

10 Oct 2021

Hello, Paul!

A LEGO minifig of a black policeman. He's holding a walkie talkie

10 Oct 2021

The bridge of the Norwegian Encore. 🚢

A long strip of windows up high on the front of a cruise ship. Below, the hull is white with curtained windows.

10 Oct 2021

Micro Blog Writers' Meetup: Feedback Wanted ✍🏻

Hello, micro bloggers. We’re coming to you today to ask for input regarding a meetup for writers on W...
09 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021

In the spring and summer, we call twilight the blue hour.

An azure blue cityscape with closeups of a residential tower.A darker blue Seattle skyline at twilight. Glittery and dark. Windows are gold with light.

06 Oct 2021

Read: Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Book Series To Get TV Adaptation

Grafton was adamant that she didn’t want this. But now that she’s dead, the husband is cashing in? How very Knives Out of him.

05 Oct 2021

On my desk: Jessica Warne, Ellie Tappet, and Kat Voyzey.

Not a toy. Just some crime-fightin’ ladies I know.

Three LEGO minifigs. A brunette in a suit, a gray haired woman holding a tea pot, A light haired brunette in colorful 80s workout gear.

05 Oct 2021

I’m writing: A View to Die For and listening to Deadmau5 - Work from Home Mix ✍🏻 🎶

Today’s goal: 5000 words (doing sprints)

03 Oct 2021
03 Oct 2021

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

Marcus Aurelius

02 Oct 2021

Dark and light.

A photo of low hills in the Alaskan Fjords. Silvery blue water, black islands after sunset, and the sky is illumuniated in pale gray, dark gray, and a mere hint of orange. The colors are moody and dark, but the fading sunlight makes the image possible.

01 Oct 2021

Back en route to Seattle. 🙂 Home, here we come!

A rather flat pale blue ocean, with a pale gray sky above. Smooth sailing.

30 Sep 2021

Day 6: Ketchikan, AK

A row of wooden houses perch over a river atop stilts. The houses are brown, yellow, red, green, and blue, creating a colorful rainbow. They're old-timey structures, containing shops in pictureque Ketichikan Alaska.An informational sign tells the story of Beatrice Greene, the last working woman of Ketchikan, Alaska. She was a sex worker in the 1920s who dodged the cops to ply her trade in historic Ketichikan.A large salmon made of wood and covered in tiny tiles in a realistic color, it points towards the raging river, an art installation in Ketchikan AlaskaA view of a dozen or so cheerful garden gnomes resting in a residential garden. Some play instruments, others hold binoculars or fishing gear.

30 Sep 2021

Day 5: Juneau (Tongass National Forest) 🌲

A gravel path zigzags through a forest of evergreen and deciduous trees on a cold day. The deciduous trees are yellow with brown spots. A late-fall rainforest, thick and lush.Thin streams of cold water form a lacy network as they flow over boulders in this pretty forest waterfall.An immense waterfall over a hundred feet high crashes down a rocky slope. Cheri stands near the bottom on a sandy beach, looking small in comparison to the massive waters.

28 Sep 2021

Day 4: Glacier Bay

The ship’s wake rocked a floating chunk of ice upon which a sea otter was napping. He shot us a look before slipping into the water.

humped hills rise out of icy water. The hills are forest and rock. The thick-looking water ripples with the wake of a ship. Fog snakes through the icy hillsA rough-faced pale blue glacier rests atop highly reflective water with bare rock on either side. The glacier looks as though someone has scored the front repeatedly with a dirty knife.A dozen middle-aged cruise passengers in winter coats and hats hold up phones and cameras as the bow of the ship approaches a watery inlet. Tall frosty mountains in the distance add an element of adventure.A closer view of a glacier, dirty and cracking in the front. The water beneath is dotted with small pieces of glacial ice. Hints of rocky, icy, mountains over top of the glacier, but far away.A view of an inlet arm in Alaska. There are low hills to the left and right, with sparse vegetation. Up ahead, the smooth blue water flows forward, bends, and splits; it's a roadway made of water.

27 Sep 2021

Day Three: Icy Strait

This port is brand new, built and operated by Native Alaskans alongside the tiny fishing village of Hoonah, AK. We saw humpback whales, porpoises, and sea otters. The porpoises were like small black dolphins, leaping out of the water in twos and threes.

A tiny whale watching boat in misty, desolate gray waters. A small island is half-hidden in mist.A wet and rainy wooden boardwalk with white bungalows face the water.A carved Eagle totem, ten feet high.